Admission in Kharkov 2-day programs

2 day

We invite you to Kharkov. Kharkov weekend

2-day reception program in Kharkov

We invite you to spend the weekend in Kharkov. For 2 excursion days in Kharkov you can not only get acquainted with our city, but also fall in love with the first capital of Ukraine.

2 day

Picturesque Slobozhanshchina. Kharkov and around Kharkov

Kharkiv - Skovorodinovka - Chuguev - Krasnokutsk - Parkhomovka - Sharovka - Natalia - Merchik

Slobozhanshchina - the land is mysterious, silent, with a complex and beautiful history. Our destiny is connected with the fate of many outstanding personalities: Frying-wood, Repin, Beketov, Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, Pushkin and many others.

The list of museums and exhibition halls of Kharkov, theaters, entertainment and cultural centers, libraries, cinemas, clubs, sports complexes, swimming pools, stadiums, skating rinks, etc.

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