Weekend tours

We offer fun and interesting time with your friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature, in the most picturesque corners of our region - Korobov Khutor, Zmiev, Bishkin, Oskol, Vorskla.

If this summer you did not have time to walk at the wedding, listen to wedding songs and try at least one of a wide choice of wedding dishes, then with great pleasure we invite everyone to participate in the festival "Wedding in Malinovka +"!
16 hours
650 from UAH.

Khortytsya unites Ukraine! We invite you to the team tour to the legendary Zaporozhye. On the Day of the Defender of Ukraine you will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks, hear legends and were about the life and customs of the Cossacks, to see a unique performance with the participation of Sich Cossacks.

10 hours
350 from UAH.

Manors of Kharkov province + Singing terraces Bus

Old Merchik - Sharovka - Natalia - Singing terraces

One of the most popular excursions among Kharkiv residents and visitors of our city tells about ancient estates that have survived to our days, which give an opportunity to glance into the past of our region, learn about the life of Kharkiv citizens in the XVIII - XIX centuries, Kharkiv patrons.

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