Weekend tours

We offer fun and interesting time with your friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature, in the most picturesque corners of our region - Korobov Khutor, Zmiev, Bishkin, Oskol, Vorskla.

If this summer you did not have time to walk at the wedding, listen to wedding songs and try at least one of a wide choice of wedding dishes, then with great pleasure we invite everyone to participate in the festival "Wedding in Malinovka +"!
14 hours
650 from UAH.

Christmas in Dykanka Bus

Dykanka - Big Budyshchi - Poltava

Christmas is the sacred season, when the world is born again, renewed, reborn. Our souls are also being revived, and in every human being, faith in the victory of Light, Love, Happiness, Peace and Good re-kindles

4 hours
285 from UAH.

Evening Kharkov ... Romantic Paris ... Beautiful cities with a beautiful history ... This year we decided to give everyone in love not only Freedom Square, but also ... French Boulevard!

14 hours
650 from UAH.

A question for women: how to prepare Olivier, is it better to go on this holiday on a trip? Advice to men: than to give a grater for carrots, is it not smarter to make loved ones a beautiful and useful gift - a tour to Opishnya ?!

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