Tours for New Year and Christmas in Lviv

New Year and Christmas in Lviv, castles of Lviv, Slavske, Tustan, Carpathians

4 days / 6 turodney
4200 from UAH.

New Year's defile. New Year in Lviv Train

Lviv - Slavske - reserve "Tustan"

For a long time dreamed of meeting the New year in Lviv? About this dream tens of thousands of tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from many parts of Europe. Tourist Mecca of Ukraine - Lviv - is waiting своих guests!

4 days / 6 turodney
4150 from UAH.

Christmas mystery. Christmas stay in Lviv Train

Lviv - Slavske - reserve "Tustan"

We invite meet Christmas 2019 in Lviv - the heart of Western Ukraine! Offers modern и medieval Lviv, hot wine and cold beer, Lviv pampushki and Pampukha Festival, Christmas dinner, performance of a den, Christmas carols and surprises!

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