MEGA-tour to the Carpathians for the New Year!

MEGA-tour to the Carpathians for the New Year 2021 One week tour to the Carpathians for ALL INCLUSIVE!
Excursions and hikes in the Carpathians, an unforgettable trip to the forest and to the waterfalls, evening entertainment programs, transfer to the Bukovel GC.
New Year's banquet and show program are included in the tour price!

Every day, you are offered three options for relaxation:
1) "Excursion" - comfortable excursion and educational trips
2) "Assets" - active unforgettable trips to the forest and to the Carpathian mountains
3) "Bukovel" - trips to the ski resort

Tour dates

26.12 - 03.01


Kharkiv - Vorokhta - Yasinya - Bukovel - Yaremche - Kharkiv



Duration of the tour

7 days / 9 days

Type of tour



Half board (breakfast, dinner) + New Year's banquet and show program are included in the tour price!
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The hotel has autonomous heating, so it's warm and cozy at any time of the year. All rooms are decorated with wood, equipped with a bathroom, shower, satellite TV, carpeted floors and new furniture. There is a cafe on the ground floor, where our chefs will pleasantly delight you with home and national cuisine cooked on pure spring water. We offer internet access, a sauna with a relaxation room, massage, ski rental. You can also play small billiards, chess and table tennis for free.
On the territory of the tourist complex there are places for barbecues and free parking.

3 and 4 enclosures located on the outskirts of the forest in 500 m from the main building. If you value silence, peace and nature, then choose them!
Room categories:
- 2-bed Economy rooms
- 2-bed Standard rooms
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5 housing 
- the largest of all. It is located near the main building.
If you like silence and closeness to the epicenter of entertainment, then this building is right for you.
Room categories:
-2x - local Economy rooms
-2x - local Standard rooms
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Excursion program

1 day. 26.12 Departure from Kharkov to Vorokhta by train No.15 in 18: 42 
Uzor NU
2 day 27.12 
Arrival in Vorokhta respectively a train № 15 in 12: 44 
PM12:45 - meeting tourists, transfer to the hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel waiting for you festive dinner, acquaintance, evening bonfire.
Uzor NU
3 day 28.12  breakfast + dinner

  • Transfer and skiing in the resort "Bukovel"
  • "Bukovel" - a European resort, "Yablunytsky" pass 
  • Hike along the signature route of the Vorokhta hotel
  • Super full of "Borsuchnya"
  • Group training (80 UAH) for beginners in the basics of skiing in Vorokhta, lunch at the hotel
Excursion>Excursion - study trip to the largest ski resort of European level in Ukraine "Bukovel", ascent on a chair-lift to the top to inspect the tourist complex and the panorama of the Carpathian Mountains. You will feel the spirit of active winter recreation, and most likely you will catch it yourself. There are numerous cafes, shops, a souvenir market, various attractions for your attention. It will be interesting to go up on the lift, and go down on foot, seeing everything through the eyes of a skier. Lunch at the best restaurant in this Carpathian region. On the way back, check-in to the Yablunytsky Pass and the souvenir market. 
Asset> For active tourists, we offer an easy and picturesque hike along the VOROKHTA's signature route. You will get acquainted with the Carpathian natural-national park: dzherelo, a century-old forest, beautiful glades, clean mountain rivers, hydrogen sulphide dzherelo, crossing a swamp, rest and lunch (porridge cooked on a fire), learning the basics of behavior in the forest. In winter, we will build snow fortresses and how to arrange snow battles in childhood.
Excursion> For beginners skiers will be instructed in the basics of skiing, the rules of behavior on the slopes (80 UAH). You will take your first steps and descents in the vicinity of Vorokhta, qualified advice from an instructor will help you gain confidence and enjoy skiing. All this will contribute to the quick, safe and comfortable development of alpine skiing and will become the key to a successful first winter vacation. Lunch at the hotel. After lunch, an independent walk to the nearest forest. A real Carpathian winter fairy tale, silence, snow-covered streams and dazzling views await you.
> A party by the fire with the participation of real colorful Hutsul musicians.
Master class of Hutsul dance, incendiary round dances.
Theatrical matchmaking in the Hutsul tradition with tourists in the lead roles.
Lecture on the benefits of Carpathian tea, herbs, mushrooms and berries. 
Uzor NU
4 day 29.12  breakfast + dinner

  • Transfer and skiing in the resort "Bukovel"
  • Enjoying Vorokhta - full of baldness
  • "Verkhovyna is the unofficial capital of Hutsulshchina"
  • Group training (80 UAH) for beginners in the basics of skiing in Vorokhta, lunch at the hotel
Asset> The route (ascent 200m, 7km) is within the power of anyone, starts from the tourist complex and passes by the Church of the Nativity of Bgoroditsa (1615), the village of Voytul and slowly rises into the forest. We will walk, have lunch near the fire and admire the enchanting panoramas of Vorokhta and the surrounding mountains. 
Verkhovyna is the most interesting and picturesque "excursion" - picturesque passes and mountain serpentines, forests, alternating with meadows. Excursion to the Roman Kumlyk Museum; the house-museum of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors"; lunch in a cafe; Ivan Franko Museum; Museum "Hutsul Hut-Grazhda" - a typical Hutsul dwelling, reminiscent of a small fortress. You will learn a lot of new and interesting things about the life of the Hutsuls, their difficult everyday life and bright holidays, sharp humor and original art. 
 Excursion> The second day of training (80 UAH) skiing for beginners in Vorokhta. Lunch at the hotel.
Disco at the hotel, fun evening entertainment, contests.
Exclusive evening excursion to the Church of Peter and Paul with a "guide" - a minister of the church.
Uzor NU
5 day 30.12  breakfast + dinner

  • Transfer and skiing in the BUKOVEL resort
  • Popular tourist route "Pyatikhatki - Magura"
  • "Yaremche is the most famous tourist center of the Carpathian region"
  • Transfer (one way) and skiing in Vorokhta
Excursion> A trip to Yaremche: Dovbush rocks - a kind of open-air nature museum, where trees, forest paths, stone structures are exhibits; church of st. Peter and Paul with sculptures-busts of hierarchs and martyrs of the church; a walk in the city; ecotourism center; those who wish can visit the aviary, feed wild boars and deer, or visit the open-air museum "Carpathians in miniature"; lunch in a kolyba; an architectural monument - the Hutsulshchina restaurant; breakdown waterfall; exhibition-bazaar of ethnographic products.
Show program - "Miss and Mister Vorokhta" 
Walk to the hydrogen sulphide source with silver content.
Uzor NU
6 day 31.12  breakfast + dinner + New Year's banquet

  • Transfer and skiing in the BUKOVEL resort
  • Excursion "Under the old bridges"
  • "Kosov is the capital of Hutsul folk art. Lunch - fishing »
  • Transfer (one way) and skiing in Vorokhta
Asset>The excursion "Under old bridges" is a universal and accessible route for everyone: ascent by diesel train to the village of Voronenka, country and forest roads, rather steep, but short ascents and descents, a fairy forest and architectural masterpieces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - a tunnel and arched railway bridges. Picnic in nature. 
Excursion> Kosiv is considered the real capital of folk crafts - only here you can buy souvenirs from their authors. Kosovo Museum of Folk Life and Art of Hutsulshchyna; purchases and master class in the pottery workshop of a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. We will stop by a trout farm, feed the fish and be sure to hold a photo session near the trout splashing in the nets, which the owner has just caught, everyone can choose a fish for their lunch, the taste of which will haunt you for a long time.
New Year show program!
Master class "GUTSUL CUISINE".
Theatrical performance "Hutsul wedding", where our tourists will be the main characters and "guests".
The wedding is full of folk rituals, funny and sad songs, dances, games and fun.
Uzor NU
7 day 01.01
 breakfast + dinner
  • Transfer and skiing in the BUKOVEL resort
  • Kolomiya: the museum "Pysanka", "Hutsulshchina"
  • Walk-walk "Along the Prut"
  • Transfer (one way) and skiing in Vorokhta

Asset No. 1> Vorokhta is the enchanting beauty of wild mountains, rivers framed in sheer cliffs and villages spread out in the mountains: Friday bazaar, a Roman Catholic church, arched bridges, a wooden church of the Nativity of the Virgin in 1615, a new church; stories about life, history, traditions and prospects of the village. Admiring and enjoying nature, you will taste the porridge cooked over the fire. 
Excursion> Kolomiya is a nice city-guard of Hutsul color, the cradle of Western Ukrainian history, with a true architecture that has been preserved since the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Wandering through the narrow streets of the historic part of the city, you will feel yourself in another century. Lunch at the cozy restaurant "Khvalena Khata" in the historical center of the city. We will visit the unique museum "Pysanka", the museum of folk art "Hutsulshchina".
Asset No. 2>  An easy hike along the Prut river will be an excellent end to the program for moderately active tourists. Songs of birds, the sound of water in the rapids, a wonderful forest with tall pine trees, with blueberries and mushrooms, a beautiful mountain river that has paved its way among the mountains in picturesque places of wild nature, baring the views of an interesting "layered cake" of rock - all this is the best place for unity with nature! Lunch is an ear on nature.
Asset No. 3> Zhenetskiy Guk waterfall is one of the highest, most spectacular and popular among tourists waterfalls in the Carpathians. Located in the valley of the Zhenets stream, which flows into the Prut River. A one-stage handsome 15 meters high, a 5-kilometer walk to which brings pleasure, both in winter day and in summer - around the fabulous landscapes of the Gorgan mountains, rocky ledges, tall pines near the water. In winter, Hook partially freezes, and the rocks are covered with ice, under which water still flows. In the sun the forest shines like crystal, silence and tranquility - a real winter fairy tale. Lunch - dry rations. 
Farewell evening, birthday greetings, Ukrainian disco.
Viewing the video film "VOROKHTA ROUND YEAR" with your participation.
Uzor NU
8 day 02.01  завтрак

Departure from the hotel to 09:30 to Ivano-Frankivsk.
PM10:30 Excursion> Moving to Yaremche: St. Peter and Paul with sculptures-busts of hierarchs and martyrs of the church; a walk in the city; ecotourism center; those who wish can visit the aviary, feed wild boars and deer, or visit the open-air museum "Carpathians in miniature"; lunch in a kolyba; architectural monument - restaurant "Hutsulshchina"; breakdown waterfall; exhibition-bazaar of ethnographic products. 

PM14:00 Arrival in Ivano-Frankivsk... Free time. Purchase of souvenirs, food for the trip.
Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk to Kharkov by train No.1 in 19: 30.
Uzor NU
9 day 03.01 Arrival to Kharkov by train No.2 in 11: 14.


Vorokhta - an urban-type settlement located in the south-west of Ivano-Frankivsk region (until 1962 the region was called Stanislavskaya), along the Prut River, at an altitude of 800-850 m, 3 km long, population 4 thousand inhabitants. The first written mention of Vorokhta dates back to 1820. There is a legend that the name of the village originates from the surname Vorokhta, which was worn by a soldier of the tsarist army who lived here for a certain time. The peasants loved him for his wisdom and after the death of the soldier named the village in his honor.
      In the X - XI centuries, the territory of the region was part of Kievan Rus. In 1241, during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, Galich and other settlements of the principality were destroyed. Then Galicia was taken over by the Polish-Lithuanian feudal lords. It remained under the rule of Poland until the 1772th century, and from 1918 to 1867. was part of Austria (since 1918 - Austria-Hungary). In November 1921, after the collapse of Austria-Hungary, Stanislavshchina became part of the West Ukrainian People's Republic - a self-proclaimed independent state that had existed for a short time. As a result of the defeat of the Red Army near Warsaw in the war against Poland in the second half of 1939, almost all the lands of the former ZUNR remained in Poland. The region again became part of Ukraine in September XNUMX.
     The oldest settlement building - one of the best examples of Hutsul wooden folk architecture - the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, moved to Vorokhta in 1780 from the village of Yablunytsya. An important impetus in the development of the village was the construction in 1894 of the Stanislavov (Ivano-Frankivsk) - Yaremcha - Vorokhta - Rakhiv railway, the viaducts of which are still in operation. Thanks to the Austrian army, Vorokhta began to develop as a winter sports center - servicemen of the 9th corps underwent a sled ride here in winter. At the beginning of the XX century. in Vorokhta, the first shelter ("Chernogorsky") for tourists and a restaurant appeared, a large new wooden St. Between the world wars Vorokhta became a popular Polish resort town, where villas of wealthy people and boarding houses appeared.
      Today Vorokhta is one of the main centers of tourism in Ivano-Frankivsk region both in summer and winter. The relief of the territory and the duration of the snow cover contribute to the development of different types of skiing. The potential of the Vorokhta winter resort is also evidenced by the fact that it was in this winter recreation zone that the Soviet government began construction of the Olympic ski complex, which, unfortunately, was not completed due to the collapse of the USSR.

      Vorokhta is a high-mountain climatic resort, drowned in green valleys and dense virgin forests, surrounded by the pride of Ukraine - the Carpathian Mountains. This is the enchanting beauty of wild mountains, sheer rivers with loud waterfalls and villages spread out in the mountains. The air here is infused with pine needles and treats severe respiratory diseases. Rest in Vorokhta is useful for its healing air, which gives people vigor and health, and also attracts such simple but restless people like you and me. The rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage, the extraordinary beauty of nature, as well as the wonderful mountain slopes at any time of the year will make your vacation here truly unforgettable.

The National Natural Park, which surrounds Vorokhta from all sides, was founded in 1980. It is the most extensive (area 503.03 km2) and the most populated nature protection territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The park occupies the upper part of the river basin. Prut and almost all settlements (the city of Yaremcha, the village of Vorokhta, the villages of Tatarov and Mikulichin), which have existed here for a long time, are located on its banks. Good roads, laid through the territory of the park, allow you to comfortably get acquainted with the various landscapes and breathtaking landscapes of this corner of the Carpathians, which makes it especially attractive for motorists to visit. The main highway of the park is very picturesque - the road from Yaremche to the Yablunytsky pass (height 931 m), located on the border with the Transcarpathian region.
The traveler is greatly impressed by the path from Vorokhta to the foot of Mount Hoverla (the highest point of Ukraine - 2061m). For several kilometers, the road runs along the terrace of the river. The twig is surrounded by tall and slender fir trees, reminiscent of guardians of honor. The rounded top of Hoverla, appearing on the horizon from afar, and constantly being in the gap between the crowns of trees, has a magical attractive effect on travelers, as befits a natural shrine of Ukraine. There is a parking lot at the foot of the mountain. This is an ideal place to start the trek to Hoverla, which, with average training, will take 2-3 hours. 1105 species of plants grow on the territory of the park, every fourteenth of which is rare or disappearing. The fauna of the park is also rich.

In the village of Vorokhta there are shops, a Privat-Bank branch, an ATM, a post office, restaurants, cafes-kolyba, ski equipment rental offices, a railway station, souvenir shops, and a Friday market.

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The cost per person in UAH.

Room category / period tour price 
Without railway passage
tour price
With railway passage KUPE 
from Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev
Economy 2-local 12 500 14 800
Standard 2-local  13 650 15 950


There are places

  Few places 

   No places   


Children up to 5 years old - free of charge, without claims for services 
Children up to 16 years 25% discount.

* Possible miscalculation of the cost of the tour with travel from your city
** Depending on weather conditions and other unforeseen events, we reserve the right to change the order and time of excursions. 

Programs and cost of weekly tours to the Carpathians - see here

Cost of all New Year and Christmas tours See here


  • Railway travel (according to the selected tour package)
  • Accommodation 7 days, 6 nights
  • Daily excursions and hikes in the Carpathians
  • Hearty breakfasts and late lunches + New Year's banquet and show program are included in the tour price!
  • Excursion to the full Pozhizhevskaya with a festive picnic in nature
  • Daily comfortable excursion and educational trip - "excursion"
  • An unforgettable daily trip to the forest, to a waterfall, to the Carpathian mountains - "active"
  • Picnics and dry rations for the "asset" program 
  • Fun evening entertainment programs with Hutsul music
  • Transfer under all promotions of the ski resort BUKOVEL (17km)
  • Ski equipment (skis, boots, poles, helmets)
  • Banquet and show program


- Single accommodation is provided in rooms of economy and standard categories with an additional payment of 1% to the total cost of the voucher.
- For tourists traveling one by one, accommodation is possible in double block rooms with shared room!
- We strongly recommend that you have two sets of comfortable and warm hiking shoes and clothing.

 The price does not include:
• Lunch on departure - from 50 UAH. or suhpayki - 40grn
• tickets to museums, a park, a lift - about 200 UAH per tour
• digital film with your participation - 70grn
• Horseback riding - 80grn / hour
• bicycle tour with lunch - 120grn
• Rafting with lunch - 350grn
• aerial extreme - zip-line - 75grn
• ATVs 1,5 - 800grn 
• Group training in skiing in Vorokhta - 80grn

Approximate daily schedule of the cafe and the start of events / The evening program starts at 20-00.
For skiers who
want to use the "morning"
For skiers who
want to use
half day promotion
For the "lazy"
For excursions and hikes:
• 7-00 breakfast;
• 7-20 departure from the hotel;
• 16-30 departure from Bukovel;
• 18-00 late lunch.
• 7-30 breakfast;
• 8-00 departure from the hotel;
• 16-00 departure from Bukovel;
• 18-00 late lunch.
• 8-00 breakfast;
• 9-15 departure from the hotel;
• 16-00 departure from Bukovel;
• 18-00 late lunch.
• 8-45 breakfast;
• 9-15 start of excursions and hikes;
• 18-00 return to the hotel;
• 19-00 late lunch 

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