Excursions around Kharkov and around Kharkov

Bus and walking tours in Kharkov for Kharkiv residents and city guests

4 hours

Merry Christmas! Merry New Year Kharkiv

Kharkiv - New Year's Fair - Gorky Park - SEC "French Boulevard"

Preparations for the celebration of the New Year in full swing! This time we will introduce you to the festive Kharkov, show the most beautiful New Year's places and tell you about the traditions of celebrating the New Year and Christmas.

4-6 hours

The zoopic. Lozovenky - eco park

Kharkov - Lozovenky - Malaya Danilovka - eco-park of Feldman

Animals at all times, beginning with primitive society, played a huge role in human life. The collection of excursions from the series "Zhivaya Kharkivschina" is one of the most popular among tourists, both schoolchildren and adults.

4-6 hours

One of the most popular among children excursions from the "Living Kharkivschina" cycle. The tour introduces a private ostrich farm in the village of Vysokoye.

5 hours

New Year's masquerade. Holiday Winter Fun

interactive excursion to Bermindvody with the New Year program from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

New Year and Christmas - time for new vivid impressions!
Mystery on the verge of mystery, brilliance on the verge of dazzle, charm on the verge of mysticism, beauty on the verge of ideal - these incredible Christmas adventures in the country of unexpectedly pleasant secrets in Berminvody.

2 hours

Legends of the old city. Quest-tour around Kharkov

Smart tour of the city from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Quest-excursion "Legends of the old city" is an author's excursion, in which, in addition to quests, there are necessarily interesting facts, stories and legends.
2-3 hours

From history to modern times. Walking tour around Kharkov

a panoramic walking tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

The first capital of Ukraine, the largest city 50-th parallel, the legendary capital of Polovtsi Sharukan - "the city behind the wall at the swampy river", a modern cultural, industrial and scientific center with a population of almost 1,5 million people. You are invited by Kharkov!
2-3 hours

Music of stone. Architecture of Kharkov

a thematic walking tour around Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Historical and architectural monuments of Kharkov are a reflection of the history and destiny of the city, this is his face, his business card. Architectural ensembles and styles, squares and squares, mansions and manors, religious buildings and creations. Beketova.

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