7 wonders of Kharkov. Excursion game

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine, its former capital, economic and scientific center, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. In 2008, the chief architect of Kharkov, Sergei Chechelnitsky, based on the results of a competition, published a list of the seven wonders of Kharkov.

Why this tour is one of the most popular:

- because it is most interesting to learn about the serious and important in a game interactive form; so that you must wait for tricky questions, entertaining quizzes, pranks. And the most attentive and active will receive prizes from the Navigator Ukraine tuner!

In the excursion program: transport service with a comfortable bus, an interactive tour of Kharkiv, competitions and prizes, Kharkiv's attractions, group escort.

Do you know 7 of Kharkov's wonders and can you find them? Immediately go on a quest!


interactive tour of Kharkov for junior schoolchildren from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Duration of the tour

4 hours


We offer for an additional fee:

- lunch at the cafe (from 100 UAH per person);

- dry ration (from 60 UAH per person);

- lunchboxes (from 90 UAH per person);

kulesh (from 60 UAH per person).



Type of tour


Excursion program

The magnificent seven was headed by the House of State Industry (Gosprom), followed by the Assumption Cathedral, monument of Taras Shevchenko, Blagoveshchensky cathedral, Mirror Stream, "House with a spire" and Pokrovsky Cathedral.
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7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra03 7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra06

7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra11 7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra01

7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra05 7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra10

Excursion - the game can be started or completed at Beketov Square, where the models of these masterpieces are collected. Winners of the quiz are waiting for surprises. 
7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra07 7 chudes kharkova ekskursiya igra08

If you wish and have time, you can visit any objects (for example, the UFO Museum, Puppet Theater Museum, Maritime Museum, Planetarium, Metalist Stadium, Jungle Water Park, Dolphinarium, Landau Center, etc.)

The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"

50 + 4  

 44 + 10

 40 + 14

36 + 18

30 + 24

25 + 4

16 + 2,
17 + 3, 20 + 4
4 hour excursion









transport service by luxury buses (Meresdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion service, medical insurance and accident.


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