Monument of T.Shevchenko in Kharkov

Taras Shevchenko has never been to Kharkov. But the Kharkov monument to the poet, established in 1935 year, is considered the best of the 250-sheveschenkovsky monuments in the world.

In order to perpetuate Kobzar's memory with a significant work of monumental art, it took Kharkov six years, during which several creative competitions were held.

The decision to create a monument to Shevchenko was made in 1929 year.

In the first competition, more than 100 projects created by both venerable and novice masters from the USSR, France, Germany, Italy, Poland took part. Exhibited in the street Darwin sculptures looked over 15 thousand citizens.

Many of the works were executed in the style of constructivism - geometric shapes that intersect each other at different angles. The French masters presented Shevchenko, who was climbing to God, accompanied by two angels with a sickle and a hammer in their hands. The Poles depicted the poet in the clothes of a nobleman.

But none of the projects was approved.

At the beginning of 1933, the jury studied 30 works.

Again, no one version was found satisfactory.

Four variants were suggested to be finalized, after which the winner was determined - the project of sculptor Matvei Manizer and architect Joseph Langbard.

Manizer also came to the final version not immediately. The first project in 1930 was carried out in a constructivist manner. Shevchenko's big head with an expression of sadness was set on a cylindrical pedestal with a bas-relief of the insurgent, who, kneeling, shook his wrists angrily.

A year later, in the draft sample 1931 year, the author arranged a statue of the poet on a pedestal, which depicted characters from the works of Kobzar.

In 1933, the third project was created, which won the contest. 

Shevchenko was to decorate Tevelev Square (now - the Constitution) next to the non-preserved building of the Noble Assembly, which was held by the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee in 20-30.

In 1930, with the accompaniment of solemn speeches and a brass band, the monument was laid. But as we move towards the realization of the plan, the city authorities came to the conclusion that there is not enough space in Tevelev Square for review. The monument was decided to be moved to the city park, for which the growth figure of Vasily Karazin, standing there for 30 years, was moved.

In March 1934, the repeated etiquette was held, and a year later - no less than the solemn opening of the monument.

30 tons of bronze, 400 tons of labradorite and 75 cars of building materials were used to make the monument. The construction involved 200 workers of various specialties.

The height of the monument is 16 meters, which is approximately equal to the height of the 5-storey house.

The composition consists of 17 figures.

At the opening of the monument the choir from 700 performed the Shevchenkovsky "Zapovit".

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