Mirror stream is a symbol of Kharkov

The mirror stream is rightfully one of the most beautiful symbols of Kharkov. The newlyweds and all the guests of the city consider it their duty to take a picture here as a souvenir. Against the background of the dazzling rotunda, the picture is really beautiful.

The place on which this monument of architecture is erected has a rich history.

Originally there was a cemetery here. Then, on this place, the Church of Myrrh-bearing was erected with a magnificent bell tower (by the way, it was the second largest in Kharkov after the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral).

The last date in the history of the temple was March 11, 1930: on that day, the church was blown up. Later, a trolleybus park was built on the site of the vacant lot: in 1939 the first trolleybus started from here.

And at the end of 1940-ies. the then first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Nikita Khrushchev arrived in Kharkov. In the office of the head of the Kharkiv regional committee of the party Viktor Churaev (the obkomov building in those years was on Mironositskaya Street) Khrushchev looked out the window. Apparently, the trolleybus park did not make the best impression on him, and the future head of the Soviet state scolded the head of the Kharkov communists for an unsightly look outside the windows of the regional committee. The result of this conversation was the decision of the obkom's authorities to break the square with the fountain.

According to another urban legend, the Mirror Stream was a gift from Viktor Churaev to his beloved teacher Valentina, who liked the "Altaqa" ("Altaqa") acid.

The development of the project for the future Mirror Stream was entrusted to the young architect Viktor Korzh. To do this, he was sent to Kislovodsk, where he had to study the secret of the sights of pre-revolutionary resort Russia - the Kislovodsk glass jet. Upon his return, Viktor Korzh designed the same one in Kharkov, but it differed from Kislovodskaya by a kind of turret resembling a chapel.

In 2007 year it was reconstructed.

The floodlights illuminate the structure with different colors and shades every few seconds, and it seems that the rotunda shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Titled with the symbol of the city, the Mirror Stream immediately became a place of pilgrimage.

And even a sign has appeared: they say, if you make a wish under the arches of a luminous dome at night, it will come true.

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