Premiere! Kharkov Television and Cinema

Do you know that our city by right can be considered a pioneer not only of Ukrainian, but also of the whole world cinema?

On this tour you will learn that:

- The first public film of the film on the territory of the entire Russian Empire was held in Kharkov;

- The first documentary film was filmed in our city;

- it was in Kharkov that the first sound cinema in Ukraine was opened.

You thought how many outstanding actors, directors, writers gave the world our city?

And how many years of television in general and Kharkov television in particular?

How do you shoot TV on the other side of the screen?

To find out all this, see and feel, we invite you to a new fascinating excursion dedicated to the Kharkov cinema and television!


Kharkov - Kharkiv movie theaters - Kharkiv TV studio

Duration of the tour

4 hours


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First a little bit about the movie .....

Our city by right can be considered a pioneer not only of Ukrainian, but also of the whole world cinema. Even before the invention of cinema in France, Ukraine has created a device for playing on the screen the continuous movement of people and objects - that is, the same as the Lumiere brothers did, only 2 years earlier - in 1893 year. It was created by the native of the Kharkov province Joseph Timchenko.

The first public film of the national film in the territory of the whole Russian Empire took place in Kharkov and was held by its photographer Alfred Fedetsky 2 December 1896 year, a year after the film session of the brothers Lumiere.

cinematograph004 cinematograph006

30 September 1896, Fedetskiy filmed the first documented film on the territory of the Russian Empire, which then included both Poland and Finland: "Transferring the miraculous icon of the Mother of God from the Kuryazh monastery to the Kharkov Pokrovsky Monastery."

It was in Kharkov that the first Ukrainian sound cinema was opened in 1930.

In 1959, the first Ukrainian television film "The Fiery Train" was filmed on the Kharkov television studio.

Our city has presented the world with a lot of actors, directors, screenwriters, operators who either were born or lived in Kharkov, either studied or worked in Kharkov: Leonid Bykov, Alexander Dovzhenko, Mark Bernes, Leonid Utesov, Les Kurbas, Isaak Dunaevsky, Samaria Zelikin , Vladimir Konkin, Nina Ruslanova, Alexey Petrenko, Natalia Uzhviy, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Claudia Shulzhenko, Valentina Serova, Natalya Fateeva, Anatoly Efros, Alexander Alov, Vadim Abdrashitov, Alexander Muratov, Arkady Inin, Mikhail Vodianoy, Eduard Volodarsky, Elena Yakovleva and .

It was in our city that the great Sergei Eisenstein filmed "Bezhin Meadow", because of censorship and never released on Soviet screens. Under Kharkov, such hits of domestic films as "Shchors", "Wedding in Malinovka" were shot. The winners of the "Oscar" were our countrymen master of special effects Eugene Mamut and fashion designer Varvara Karinskaya. 

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And now about television ...

When did television appear?

The invention of television was preceded by the development of the technology of transmission to a distance of still images, begun in the middle of the XIX century. The first of them is Alexander Bain's facsimile machine, patented in 1843 year.

The world's first transmission of a moving image was carried out in 1923 by an American by Charles Jenkins.

The first television station WCFL, based on mechanical development, was aired in Chicago 12 June 1928.

And in Kharkov, television appeared more than 60 years ago. Kharkov was the fourth city in the Soviet Union, where the television center was opened, and it happened on 19 March 1955.

Excursion to one of the most popular TV channels of the city, which will be conducted by Kharkov TV presenters.

If you want to know everything about television, get inside on a television screen, take a stroll through TV studios, learn from the real professionals, learn the basics of the TV presenter and journalist professions, visit the Kharkov TV museum - welcome to our new exciting Kharkov television and cinema excursion!

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You can extend your pleasure and watch a movie in one of the cinemas of the city.

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