In search of dark matter. The Higgs boson or "particle of God"

Higgs boson or "particle of God"! Are you ready for new discoveries? Today we are ready to approach the understanding of the nature of dark matter and dark energy, which owns 96% of the mass of the universe and of which we do not yet know anything. 

If by nature you are an explorer, naturalist, inventor or just an inquisitive person,

- if you want to know more about crystals, detectors, dark matter,

- if you are dreaming to come closer to unraveling the secrets of the world science,

then you have a unique opportunity to visit the secret research laboratories of the Institute of Scintillation Materials.


Kharkov - Institute of Scintillation Materials of NAS of Ukraine

Duration of the tour

4 hours


We offer for an additional fee:

- lunch at the cafe (from 100 UAH per person);

- dry ration (from 60 UAH per person);

- lunchboxes (from 90 UAH per person);

- kulesh (from 60 UAH per person).



Type of tour


Excursion program

  • You will learn, what is this mysterious and mysterious scintillator, who and where it applies.
  • Will hear the history of the creation of the only Institute in Ukraine, which is engaged in the development, cultivation and introduction into production of unique materials and detectors. 
  • Get to know with the results of developments and numerous scientific products of the Institute.
  • You will visit on the experimental site for growing large crystals (weighing more than 500 kg), get acquainted with the methods of growing crystals from the melt and see for yourself how the crystals grow in real time.
    v poiskakh temnoj materii bozon khiggsa02 v poiskakh temnoj materii bozon khiggsa06
  • Visit a research growth area where crystals of new oxide scintillators are developed and grown for detectors of modern X-ray devices, devices in astrophysics, geophysics and high-energy physics.
    v poiskakh temnoj materii bozon khiggsa03 v poiskakh temnoj materii bozon khiggsa05
  • You will see with your own eyes, where a unique scintillator, a key element of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which made it possible to register high-energy particles, and the Higgs boson, was successfully developed and created for the first time. It was the experiments at the LHC in 2012 that allowed scientists Peter Higgs and François Engler to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of an elementary particle - the Higgs boson or "God particle".
 In the end, it is possible to visit the Museum of the Scientific and Technological Complex "Institute of Monocrystals" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"

50 + 4  

 44 + 10

 40 + 14

36 + 18

30 + 24

25 + 4

16 + 2,
17 + 3, 20 + 4

4 hour excursion









transport service by luxury buses (WW, Renault, Mersed, Scania, MAN, DAF, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion, medical and accident insurance.


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