In search of a festive mood. Quest tour of Kharkov

Holidays are coming. And we offer to meet them actively, fun and informative !!! We invite you to an interactive author's winter quest excursion!

New Year - Christmas mood is already felt in everything:

- in hurry for gifts and with gifts of passers-by;

- in bright multicolored garlands and neon light of street lights;

- in the winter cosiness of the Kharkov streets and parks;

- in the noisy New Year and Christmas fairs;

- in the unique New Year atmosphere of the big city;

We invite you to New Year's festivities for Kharkiv citizens and guests!

In the excursion program: bus and walking tour of the city, an interactive quest game, two master classes (cost 60 UAH.).

Placement Locations



Quest-tour around Kharkov

Duration of the tour

4 hours



Type of tour


Excursion program

New Year's Kharkov, Kharkov Christmas, Kharkov festive! Excursion and about the city, and about holidays - two in one!

During the excursion, the children themselves will build a route, solve thematic riddles and perform special tasks in order to finally save Kharkiv from sad everyday life, returning to the city a festive mood!
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You will find the place where the first New Year holiday in the history of the Fir-tree was held, turn out on the festive square and get acquainted with the new urban beauty-record holder, create your own New Year's toys and decorate your New Year tree with them!
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You will get answers to various interesting questions:

- what are the features of holiday fairs?

- why Christmas balls resemble an apple?

- What is common and different in the festive traditions of modern Kharkiv citizens and residents of our city 100 and more than years ago?

- who are Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Santa Claus and Joulopuki 

What experience will give the tour:

- children will learn more about our city and winter traditions;

- personally make Christmas decorations;
- create a magical orchestra of Christmas bells;
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- write your letter to the holiday wizard.
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The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"

50 + 4

44 + 10

40 + 14

36 + 18

30 + 24

25 + 4

16 + 2,
17 + 3, 20 + 4

4 hour excursion









transport services by buses of Euroclass (Merdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), guided tours, excursion services, medical and accident insurance. Two master classes are additionally paid (UAH / person 60).


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