Kharkov is criminal. Kharkov gossip from the vendor with Blagbazy

Virtually every place in the world is known not only for its sights and its famous natives, but also for the dark pages of its history, repulsive, frightening facts. Kharkiv is no exception.

According to Numbeo, Kharkiv is periodically included in the TOP-5 criminal cities in Ukraine.

Well, at different times:

- in 1668, in Kharkov, there was no executioner of his own, but he had his own prison;

- in 20-30-s. XIX century. fist fights "wall to wall" took place in Kharkov;

- the construction of the Kholodnogorsk jail was completed in the 1801 year;

- in 1822, a prison lock was built in Kharkov, which became the fifth prison in the history of the city;

- in Soviet times, Kharkov was known as the "Cop" city;

- and the most criminal rayon is considered to be HTZ.

But despite the historical facts and statistics, Kharkov can not be called the most criminal or dangerous city in Ukraine.

We, Kharkiv citizens, love it and consider it the most beautiful, smartest city and the most comfortable!


square Pavlovskaya - pl. Constitution - Bursatsky descent - Blabbaza - Shevchenko Garden - ul. Klochkovskaya - South Station

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What we hear about in different streets and squares during this tour:

The first prison in Kharkov was in that part of Kharkov where the fortress was located.

Public punishments, such as whipping, were often subjected to accusations in squares.

Cranberries are criminals who robbed churches.

The sensational robbery of the Volzhsko-Kamsky Bank on Nikolaevskaya Square in the morning of March 16, 1906.

The murder by revolutionary terrorists of the Kharkov Governor-General Dmitry Kropotkin.

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In the XIX century. in Kharkov fist fights "wall to wall" took place, often ending in deaths.
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At the beginning of the 20th century, Jack the Ripper attacked people in Kharkov.

Kharkov prison castle is one of the few surviving in Ukraine.

Since 1839, the Kholodnogorsk prison has changed its name more than once, but it has always remained a prison, even during the Nazi occupation of Kharkov.

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