The city is a cosmopolitan. Germans of Kharkov

The Germans made a huge contribution to the development of Kharkov and retained their titled status until the 20th century - until the First and Second World Wars. Kharkov for the Germans was a territory of opportunity. There was political, economic freedom and the opportunity to start from scratch!

Do you know that:

- The first doctor in the region was German;

- the first hours were brought to Kharkov by the Germans;

- several governors of Kharkiv were Germans ?!

You will hear many familiar names: pastry chef George Borman, sugar producer Georg Leopold Koenig, chemist Ludwig Schneubert, professor of pharmacology and formulation Ludwig Vannoti, astronomer Johann Gut, printer Adolf Darre.

If you want to learn more about the contribution of the Germans to science, education, culture, industry, medicine, pharmacology, typography, then we recommend that you book this excursion!


ul.Svobody - pl. Liberty - st. Pushkinskaya - Moskovsky avenue - pl. Poetry - st. Alchevsk

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The uniqueness of Kharkov is that it is a cosmopolitan. The city does not have one pronounced national "face". He has dozens of guises, because the history of the Kharkiv national communities is the history of Kharkov. We can say that tolerance “in Kharkov” is our most valuable historical heritage. The more important it is to save it!

The buildings of the “German Kharkov” are preserved in our city: the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, the gynecological department of the 2 maternity hospital, the Kharkiv National University of Arts. Kotlyarevsky, mansions on Sumy, 3, 11, 45 and 54, a pharmacy at the corner of Svoboda and Alchevskikh streets, a house on Kulikovsky descent, 7 and Pushkin street, 70. The oldest building on the German list is the Imperial University. Its construction dates back to the 1767-1777 years, and the building initially served as the home of Kharkov governors.
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The work of this educational institution is directly connected with immigrants from Germany. Brilliant scientists from Würzburg, Leipzig, Göttingen, Frankfurt an der Oder were invited. Thanks to them, new scientific fields appeared in the city and in the territory of Slobozhanshchina: astronomy, chemistry, medicine, soil science, law, philosophy. German teachers were both the first journalists and publishers. The Kharkov weekly began to appear regularly, then a magazine on veterinary medicine, Ukrainian Housekeeper, appeared.

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One more famous pastry shop in Kharkiv (Constitution Square, 100 / 11) has remained a chocolate spot for more than 13 years. In 1900, the leader of the confectionery industry, Gregory Borman, who supplied his products to both the imperial court and the public, opened a two-story Georges Borman shop - Medvedik. which for more than 100 years remains one of the most famous pastry shops in Kharkiv, the interior of which has been preserved almost in its original form.

And this is just the beginning! About the Germans of Kharkov and the German trail in the history of the city - you will learn more on the tour itself!

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