Key and lock. Secrets of Kharkov doors

Fascinating excursion-quest during which we learn a lot of interesting things about Kharkov doors, locks, keys and, of course, about people who lived in our city in the distant and recent past.

It remains only to pick up the KEY!

So what do we get:

- bus and walking tours;

- Themed quest through the streets of Kharkov;

- master - class for the manufacture of a leather bracelet;

- a master class on the manufacture of a keychain;

- sweet bonus!

Who will be attentive and cope with all the tasks will definitely receive a magic Key as a gift!


Excursion - quest. Rymarskaya - Sumy - Chebotarskaya

Duration of the tour

4 hours



Type of tour


Excursion program

Fascinating excursion-quest during which:

- you will touch the doorknob, which the real gentlemen held on to over 100 years ago, opening the doors to beautiful young ladies; 
klyuch i zamochek 5 klyuch i zamochek 11

take a look в keyholes и imaginewhat were brownies ceremonial of past centuries;
- learn a lot of interesting about residents our cities;
- Get to know the architectural styles and basic elements of door decoration.

klyuch i zamochek 1 klyuch i zamochek 12

We will be divided into teams, we will travel with a map, look for ancient doors that are different in purpose and decoration, find out the history of houses and their inhabitants, and visit real ceremonial past centuries.
klyuch i zamochek 7 klyuch i zamochek 6
klyuch i zamochek 8 klyuch i zamochek 14

After the quest you will find two unusual master class: 
klyuch i zamochek 9klyuch i zamochek 10
- Master Class on manufacturing pair leather bracelet-friendship "Key и lock";
- Master Class on manufacturing pendants - keychain; 
klyuch i zamochek 13klyuch i zamochek 15

Well, at the end, the winners get a sweet bonus!

The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"50 + 444 + 4, 44 + 1040 + 8, 40 + 1436 + 12, 36 + 1830 + 4, 30 + 825 + 4, 25 + 1315+2, 16+2, 17+3, 20+4
4 hour excursion125142155173200240300


transport service by luxury buses (Meresdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion service, medical insurance and accident.


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