Fiddler on the roof. Monuments of Kharkov

The history and destiny of Kharkov, its thoughts and aspirations, its falls and upsets, the characteristic traits of Kharkov can be traced in numerous monuments, busts, monuments. All the monuments in one excursion: from the monument to the Founders to the curious and ridiculous. And all this in the form of a game-quiz.

 Why you will definitely enjoy this tour:

because you will rediscover our beloved city, marvel at the number and variety of monuments and monuments, learn a lot of historical facts and bring with a tour of at least hundreds of great photos!

What to recommend for a guided tour: be sure to take cameras, because every monument will inevitably want to be photographed; and the most inquisitive recommend that you grab a notebook from your house - record jokes and stories heard during the excursion.

In the excursion program: transport service with a comfortable bus, excursions, various monuments of Kharkov, games, competitions, prizes, group escort.

We ask leading questions - and you are looking for answers! Did you agree? Then - let's go!


interactive tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Duration of the tour

4 hours


We offer for an additional fee:

- lunch at the cafe (from 100 UAH per person);

- dry ration (from 60 UAH per person);

- lunchboxes (from 90 UAH per person);

kulesh (from 60 UAH per person).



Type of tour


Excursion program

Monuments to the Founders of Kharkov, monuments T. ShevchenkoG.F. Kvitke - Osnovyanenko, A.S. Pushkin, N.V. Gogol,
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova10 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova08
V.N. Karazin, I. Mechnikov, V. Vysotsky, architect Beketov, Yaroslav the Wise.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova15 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova04
Monuments to the killed policemen and victims of the Chernobyl tragedy, Monuments to the Archangel Michael and the Shot Kobzars.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova01 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova07
Numerous monuments to the heroes of Ilf and Petrov, a monument to lovers and much more.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova03 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova12
Violinist on the roof and soccer ball.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova05 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova02 
And very unusual monuments - a programmer, gear, egg, iron horse, ears, a family of monkeys.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova06 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova17
You can set a goal to go around and go around all the monuments in Kharkov.
skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova09 skripach na kryshe pamyatniki kharkova13
But then you need to book such an excursion at least three times in a row! Winners of the game - mandatory prizes!

The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"50 + 444 + 4, 44 + 1040 + 8, 40 + 1436 + 12, 36 + 1830 + 4, 30 + 825 + 4, 25 + 1315+2, 16+2, 17+3, 20+4
4 hour excursion125142155173200240300


transport service by luxury buses (Meresdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion service, medical insurance and accident.


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