Along the Seversky Donets. Kharkiv - Slavyansk - Svyatogorsk - Soledar - Bakhmut

Kharkiv - Svyatogorsk - Slavyansk - Soledar - Bakhmut

Slobozhanskoe necklace. Kharkiv - Akhtyrka - Trostyanets - Sumy - Putivl

Kharkiv - Trostyanets - Akhtyrka - Sumy - Putivl

East Dnieper adventure. Kharkiv - Zaporizhzhia - Dnipro

Kharkiv - Dnipro - Petrikovka - Zaporozhye - Khortytsya

Manors of the Kharkov province + Parkhomovka


Easter "All Inclusive" in Ternopil region with a picnic at Dzhurynsky waterfall!


Under Tabor, above the Donets. Svyatogorsk Lavra - Raisins


Poltava snacks. Wide Shrovetide in Poltava


Poltava snacks. Wide Shrovetide in Poltava

Poltava - Abazovka - Dikanka - Maslenitsa holiday

Fun festivities in Dikanka. Pancake week in Poltava

Big Budishki - Dikanka - Shrovetide celebration - Poltava

Bright holidays in Kharkov

2-day reception program in Kharkov

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