The beginning of autumn in the Carpathians. 7 days in Vorokhta


MEGA-tour to Truskavets. 7 days of rest in the Carpathians


Rest in the Carpathians. Yasinya is the capital of the Hutsul region!

Kharkov - Kiev - Yasinya - Kiev - Kharkov

Poltava dumpling and ... not only. Poltava - Abazovka

Abazovka - Poltava - Reshetilovka - Machuhi

MEGA tour to Cherkasy. Golden Horseshoe Cherkasy

The homeland of Taras Shevchenko is Morintsy and Shevchenkovo, the region of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is Kholodny Yar, Sofievsky Park Uman.

European masterpiece. 5 days, 3 countries, 1000 impressions

Mukachevo - Debrecen - Eger - Valley of the Beauties - Oradea - Kosice

Kharkov is a city of eccentrics. Walk quest

Mashinostroiteley Park, pl. Constitution, garden them. Shevchenko

The edge of the northern fortresses. Tsirkuny - Tishki - Liptsy

Kharkov - Liptsy - Tishki - Tsirkuny

Spanish delicacies. Snail farm

Kharkov - Tsirkuny

By the roads of Transylvania. Chernivtsi - Romania

Khmelnitsky - Chernivtsi - Sighisoara - Sinai - Peles Castle - Count Dracula's Castle - Brasov

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