Konotop battle and Konotop witch. Sumy - Konotop

More than 350 years ago, one of the most grandiose events in the history of the Ukrainian nation occurred: the Battle of Konotop: the army of the Grand Duchy of Russia under the command of Hetman Ivan Vygovsky won a grand victory over the Moscow army led by Prince Trubetskoi.

During the historical and fantastic journey to Konotop we get acquainted:

- with the real field of the glorious Konotop battle;

- with an ephemeral-real Konotop tram;

- with very nice and attractive Konotop witches;

- with the fantastic cosmodrome Kolya Gerasimov;

- and other attractions of Konotop - a provincial, a hundred, Cossack Ukrainian town.

In the program of the tour: departure by bus from Kharkov, transport and excursion service, excursion to Sumy, Konotop, Field of Konotop battle, Konotop museums.


Konotop - Shapovalovka - Sosnovka - Field of Konotop battle - Sumy

Duration of the tour

1 day


We offer for an additional fee:

- lunch at the cafe (from 100 UAH per person);

- dry ration (from 60 UAH per person);

- lunchboxes (from 90 UAH per person).



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov by comfortable bus late in the evening or early in the morning.

Konotop Arrival to the city of Konotop in the Sumy region.

The village of Novoselitsy (present-day Konotop) was founded by Ukrainian Cossacks at the beginning of the 1635th century. The city was first mentioned in 1642. In XNUMX a fortress was built here and named after the Konotopka river. For a long time it was a Cossack center - a "glorious centenary town".
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In 1659 under the city was a grand Konotop battle: the combined forces of the Cossack-Polish troops under the command of Ivan Vygovsky and his ally Khan Mahmed-Girey, the Russian troops of Prince Trubetskoi were defeated.

Field of the Battle of Konotop. In 1659, the hetman Ivan Vyhovsky tore up the Pereyaslavl treaty and concluded an agreement with Poland. In response to this, the Moscow Tsar sent a large army to Ukraine under the command of Prince Trubetskoy. On April 21, 1659, this army laid siege to Konotop. The siege of Konotop lasted 70 days. Vyhovsky and his allies near Konotop (near the villages of Sosnovka and Shapovalovka) won a brilliant victory over the Russians.

Konotop battle unnamed

Here is what the authoritative Russian historian Sergei Solviev wrote about this event:

"The color of the Moscow cavalry, having served the happy campaigns of 1654 and 1655, perished in one day, and never after that the Tsar of Moscow could bring such a brilliant army into the field. In mourning clothes, Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich came out to the people and terror seized Moscow ... ".

Shapovalovka - the field of the Konotop battle, a commemorative sign in honor of the victory in the Konotop battle. Sosnovka - the mound of Cossack glory, the mass grave of Ukrainian Cossacks, who died during the Battle of Konotop, a memorial cross and a sign.

The Konotop battle is a real historical fact. But Kototop in his history managed to grow and no less outstanding legends. The classic of Ukrainian literature G.F. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko glorified the city in his satirical novel The Konotop Witch, while the science fiction writer Kir Bulychev built the cosmodrome and the mine in the center of the Earth in Konotop of the XXI century in the film "Guest from the Future". Well, the XXI century has not ended .....

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Another attraction of Konotop is a tram. In the provincial district center, he also seems fantastic. And there are a whole 3 route, and there is also a Monument Tram!

Sightseeing tour of Konotop: Svyato-Voznesenskaya (Dragomirovskaya) church, water tower, railway station building, monuments of T.Shevchenko, Tram and even a monument to Konyu.

Museum-estate of General M.Dragomirov - statesman of the XIX - early XX centuries, Kiev military governor, honorary citizen of Konotop, as well as the prototype of Ivan Sirko in the famous "Zaporozhtsy" by Repin. It is possible to visit the local history museum, the aviation museum. Transfer to Sumy.

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Sumy. Sightseeing tour of Sumy: Independence Square, Petropavlovsk Cemetery, Glory Memorial, Theater Square, Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Trinity Cathedral, designed by A. Shchusev, Holy Transfiguration Church, a house with caryatids, an altanka in Red Square. The role of landowners and philanthropists Kharitonenko in the development of the city.

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Departure to Kharkov.

The cost per person in UAH.

 Number of paid places + free of charge 50 + 4 44 + 4
44 + 10
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30 + 4,
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25 + 4,
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17 + 3, 20 + 4
1 day / 2 night 500 568 625 694 800 960 1150


transport service by luxury buses (Meresdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion service, medical insurance and accident.


  • The route of the tour can be adjusted at will of the customer.
  • You can leave late at night or early in the morning.
  • Bus tours with night crossings are possible for children's groups only if there are 30% adults on the bus.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional excursions, etc. extra charge.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • The calculation of the tour by train from Kharkov is possible.


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