Yasinya village, Carpathians

 Yasinya is a fairly large Hutsul village. It is located far from the major cities, not far from the Heart of the Carpathians - Mount Hoverla, as well as from the famous resort Bukovel. Here you can do everything for an excellent rest, privacy and health: pure mountain air, overgrown mountains, mushrooms, berries, sports and entertainment infrastructure.

 The settlement was founded in the XIV century. Stretched between the mountains for several kilometers. On the central street a kilometer away from the center is the famous Strukov church - completely wooden, operating at the present time. According to legend, where there is now the settlement of Yasinya, there were dense forests. Only a mountain path that led from Transnistria to the valley of the Tisza crossed these places.

 Many years have passed since Ivan Struk walked along the path from the remote village of Zeleny, from the very top of the Black Cheremosh. He drove sheep in Transcarpathia, in Maramorosh-Siget to the fair. But there was a disaster. In the morning, a snowstorm began, unexpectedly for this time - it was in the fall. The snowstorm howled, the snow drifted so that there was nothing to breathe. It was unreasonable to go further, there was only one thing: to wait out the bad weather on the spot. So the day passed, the second, but the storm did not abate. Structured, the hunger for hunger is gone, and people with her too. And he decided to leave the flock in place, and return himself. And as spring came, decided to see Stroke, what happened to the flock. I was sure - the flock died or the wolves tore. I hoped to collect something from sheep's wool. How surprised he was when he found a flock with an offspring. Happy Stru decided that it was a sign of fate and decided to settle here. Where the first houses were, the ash tree grew. And Stru decided to call the village Yasinya. In memory of himself Ivan Struk built a wooden church, which now stands over the right bank of the Black Tisza.

 Now the village. Yasinya is almost an ideal option for fans of the Carpathian Mountains and mountain skiing. The village itself has a well-developed infrastructure: shops, cafes, huts, souvenirs, equipment rental, 2 drag lifts. You can get to Dragobrat in 20-25 minutes only from Yasinya and only by jeeps or UAZs, to Bukovel along the new highway - only 13 km.

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