95 Quarter. Krivoy Rog - Kryvbas

Industrial tourism is fashionable and modern! We invite you to Kryvyi Rih - the longest and the "deepest" city in Europe, created thanks to the dedicated work of miners and miners.

The Cossack town of Horn offers its guests:

- get acquainted with the unique history of the industrial region;

- plunge into the vortex of the living industry;

- to feel an unforgettable Krivoi Rog spirit;

- learn the secrets of the modern iron ore industry;

- to know the greatness and beauty of human labor.

Unique landscapes and objects of Krivoy Rog - in a new tour for industrial tourism lovers!

In the program of the tour: railway transportation from Kharkov, transport and excursion services, hotel accommodation in Krivoy Rog, Northern and Southern Mining and Processing Combines, Burshtitsky dump, Kochubeevskiy galleries, flooded quarries and failed landscapes, open-air mining museum.


Kryvyi Rih - Kochubei galleries - dungeons of Krivbass

Duration of the tour

2 day


according to the program - half board



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to Krivoy Rog by train No. 375 in 19-39

1 day  Arrival in Krivoy Rog in 7-48. Meeting the group at the station. During the tour, check in at the hotel.

We begin the tour near of the monument to Cossack Rogu - the brand of the city. Cossack Horn is a legendary figure with whom the founding of the city is associated. This character is immortalized in stone near the building of the City Council.
Krivoy rog kon Krivoy rog gorniychsy

Under the biggest flower clock in Europe 3D-video gallery of the Krivoy Rog Historical and Local History Museum. Here you will learn about the history and modern life of the city from fascinating videos presented in 3D format.
Krivoy rog 3d 02 Krivoy rog 3d 01

The iron heart of Krivoy Rog is rightfully considered quarry of the Southern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.  This is a unique and impressive sight created by the hands of miners. On a specially equipped observation deck, you can see all its grandeur and beauty. Getting behind the scenes of the mining industry will help you get down to the working career horizon. 
Krivoy rog gorniy02 Krivoy rog gorniy01

Museum of the enterprise JSC "Southern Mining and Processing Plant" and the geopark.

In honor of its 60 anniversary, the Southern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise created a remarkable museum of industrial subjects, collecting a large number of original exhibits, historical information, remarkable mock-ups of technology demonstrating the beauty and power of miners' work. The contemplation of the impressive installation of the company's career will not leave anyone indifferent.
muzey 001 muzey 002

Dinner in the cafe "Depot".

Visiting possible Geological and Mineralogical Museum of the Krivoy Rog National University, whose collection is the national treasure of Ukraine.

Move к Burshchitsky dump.  The Burshchitsky dump is one of the three observation points of the city of Krivoy Rog, a piled giant, at the foot of which the central and southern parts of the city are spread. The panorama and scale of the space are simply amazing! Just watch and enjoy! Particularly breathtaking is the panorama of the city from the height of the Burshchitsky dump at night, the Kryvyi Rih cord turns into a constellation of lights that attract and attract the inquisitive eye of the observer.
gora 002 gora 001

Moving to the historical part of the city. Heart of the city - Prospekt Pochtovyi and Art-Maidan. We suggest you take a walk through the old streets of Krivoy Rog. Houses of ancient architecture, pre-revolutionary paving stones, twin fountains and the unique atmosphere of a European city await you.
Krivoy rog shachta Krivoy rog centr


In the evening, we offer a walk through the famed 95 quarter - Gorky Square, entertaining program at the Karaoke club of miners' theme "Zaboy".

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.

Now our way lies in the Kochubei galleries. This is one of the old mines where iron ore was mined on the land of Mr. Kochubei. First, iron ore was mined in the open pit at the mine, which left a relatively deep pit.

3 underground workings also passed along the bottom of the quarry. The height of these chambers is unique - up to the size of a 3-storey building. The underground landscape of the mine is decorated with 5 exploration adits. Their total length reaches over 300 meters.

There is no such length, size, almost ideal preservation of old iron ore mines anywhere in Krivoy Rog. A visit to the mine will allow you to feel the breath of industrial antiquity, the life and work of miners.

Excursion in the dungeons of Krivbass: galleries, underground artificial caves, location of the filming of the Ukrainian film "Chervoniy".
peshera 001 peshera 002

Return to Krivoy Rog.

Sludge dump inspection Northern ore mining and processing enterprise.

Museum of mining machinery in the open air - the only scan-show of this topic in Ukraine, where mining equipment is presented that has failed. Here you can see an excavator bucket, a mine electric locomotive, a bulldozer from a quarry, a BelAZ car, a crusher from a crushing plant, a separator of an ore dressing plant and many other equipment reflecting the strength and power of the mining enterprises of Krivoy Rog.

Dinner in the cafe.

Visiting the Krivoy Rog "alienation zone" - a giant abyss mine "Guards". Here, guests of the city must collect free souvenirs for themselves - a collection of Kryvyi Rih minerals and rare rocks.

Inspection The flooded granite quarry and failure landscapes... The failed landscapes of Kryvyi Rih are unique objects that have arisen as a result of the collapse of the horizons of mined mines. As a result, the formation of specific landscapes up to 200-250 meters deep. 

Such dimensional failure landscapes are not found anywhere else in Europe and therefore are of particular importance for industrial tourism.
ozero 001 ozero 002

Transfer to the northern part of the city. On the segment between the stations of the high-speed tram "Koltsevaya - Vecherny Boulevard" we offer tourists to drive on Krivoy Rog Metrotram:

The city has a transport system that is unique for Ukraine, combining the features of the metro and tram. Most of the line is built according to metro standards, but tram cars are used as rolling stock. Between the stations "Mudrenaya" and "House of Soviets", the tunnels in different directions change places underground without a direct intersection, passing one above the other. This changes traffic from right-hand to left-hand. Therefore, the Krivoy Rog subway is called the only place in the country where left-hand traffic is legalized.
Krivoy rog tram Krivoy rog tram02

Free time. Transfer to the railway station.

Departure to Kharkov by train № 375 in 21-56.

           Return to Kharkov by train № 375 in 10-12

The cost per person in UAH.

group / hotel 10 + 1 14 + 2  15 + 1 18 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4
economy (hostel with shared facilities on the floor, hotel with amenities on the block) 3250 2850 2750 2600 2450 2350 2250
standppm (2-3- local numbers, facilities in the room) 3450 3050 2950 2800 2650 2550 2450
comfoppm 3 * (2-3-bed rooms, facilities in the room, breakfast buffet) 3550 3150 3050 2900 2750 2650 2550


railway pass (reserved seat), group bookings, accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category, meals according to the program, transport and excursion services for two days, insurance, group supervision by the representative of the tour operator.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • The tour is valid for groups of at least 10 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the number of people in the group.
  • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional events are paid additionally.
  • 3D-gallery - 15 / 10 UAH, geological and mineralogical museum - 40 UAH, travel in metrotram - 3 грн.


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