Treasures of Donbass. Salt and wine

We are reviving the treasures of Donbass: "Artwinery" is one of the largest enterprises in Eastern Europe for the production of champagne, the salt mines of Soledar at a depth of 288 m, salt lakes and ceramics from Slavyansk.

Exclusively on this tour:

- visit to the production of Artyomovsk wine with tasting

- Descent into the salt mines and familiarity with the salt extraction process

- rest and recovery on unique salt lakes

- roadblocks and certificates - symbols of a turbulent time .....

In the program of the tour: departure by bus from Kharkov, transport and excursion service according to the program, a guided tour, a tour of Izyum, Slavyansk, a factory of sparkling wines, a salt mine, speleosanatorium "Salt Symphony", temple and bath houses in Izum, market of ceramics, recreation on the shore of a salt lake or on the Blue Lakes.

So you want to see these amazing places of Ukraine again peaceful, blooming, happy!


Slavyansk - Soledar - Bakhmut - Blue Lakes - Raisins

Duration of the tour

15 hours


We offer for an additional fee:

- lunch at the cafe (from 100 UAH per person);

- dry ration (from 60 UAH per person);

- lunchboxes (from 90 UAH per person).



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

it is possible to rest in Slavyansk on the shore of a salt lake or on the Blue Lakes



Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to the Donbass.

Bahmut. "Artwinery" the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe for the production of sparkling wines in the traditional bottle ("champagne") way. The entire champagne production cycle is concentrated at a depth of more than 72 meters in underground gypsum tunnels. The total area of ​​underground tunnels, which simultaneously store 30 million bottles of wine, is over 25 hectares. The tour shows the entire technological cycle in action. 
unnamed Artvinery Bahmut 22

An unforgettable impression is always left on tourists by descending into the storage of a champagne factory, getting acquainted with the production of live Ukrainian champagne, ways of storing it, tasting the best varieties of wine.
Artvinery Bahmut 16 Artvinery Bahmut 20

Soledar. We present to you a unique excursion to the underground storerooms of Ukraine - to the bottom of the ancient sea, which occupied the whole territory of Ukraine, Russia and Europe many millions of years ago, and approximately 60 million years ago formed here salt layers with thickness of 40 meters.
Solyanaya simfonia Soledar 27 Solyanaya simfonia Soledar 28

The excursion begins with a descent into the mine to a depth of 288 m. Visitors will be able to visit the speleosanatorium "Salt Symphony", see salt sculptures, listen to the fascinating story of a specialist guide, just relax and breathe the unique air of the salt mine, walk barefoot on the bottom of the world ocean, visit the huge salt hall where football is played, symphony orchestras perform and even fly in a balloon, put a candle in the underground salt church. Here, the constant humidity is 60% m, the constant temperature is 15 degrees. In Soledar, 80% of Ukrainian and 20% of world salt is produced.
Solyanaya simfonia Soledar 11 Solyanaya simfonia Soledar 25

There is a constant air humidity of 60% and a constant temperature of 15 degrees. Soledar produces 80% of Ukrainian and 20% of the world's salt.

If we restrict ourselves to one of the objects - a champagne factory or the mines of Soledar, then on the way back it is possible to choose from:

- visit to the private cheese factory of the farm "Svyatogorskaya goat". Excursion to the farm, goat breeds, presentation of cheeses, riding horses, tasting of goat's milk products. Here you can buy farm products - cheese, milk, cottage cheese, etc.

svyatogorskayz koza 01 370 svyatogorskayz koza 02 370 

- tour of the resort town Slavyansk with a visit to the market of ceramic souvenirs and relaxation on unique karst salt lakes, the mud of which is used for medicinal purposes of the sanatorium of the Slavic resort.
slavyansk 620x411 unnamed 1

- a visit to the ceramic production of the trademark "Stone Flower": a magical transformation of clay, a visual and tactile introduction to clay and the process of producing flower ceramics. A clay master class is a great opportunity to create your own work of art.

- rest on the Blue Lakes. The blue lakes, surrounded by forest, create their own special atmosphere for a relaxing holiday. Numerous equipped bases have comfortable beaches with awnings and sun loungers, sports grounds, football and volleyball fields, children's entertainment, water attractions, cafes and bars. 

- Visit Ascension Church in Izum, where the famous icon of the Peschanskaya Mother of God is located, baths with holy water, acquaintance with other attractions Raisins.

Return to Kharkov.

Possible miscalculation of a 2-day tour with accommodation in Slavyansk, Svyatogorskaya Lavra, on the Blue Lakes.

The cost per person in UAH.

"Number of paid places + free"

50 + 4

44 + 10

40 + 14

36 + 18

30 + 24

25 + 4

16 + 2,
17 + 3, 20 + 4
15-one-hour excursion









transport service by luxury buses (Meresdes, Neoplan, Wolksvagen, Scania, MAN, Setra, etc.), escorting the group by guide, excursion service, medical insurance and accident.


  • The route of the tour can be adjusted at will of the customer.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, tastings, meals, rent of gazebos, etc. extra charge.
  • Entrance tickets to the champagne factory without tasting - 200 gr. per person, with tasting - 290 UAH, salt mine - 360 UAH per person.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • The excursion is intended for tourists who have reached the age of majority.


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