Trostyanets, Sumy region.

Trostyanets is located in an amazingly beautiful place, on the banks of the Boromlya River, among centuries-old pine and oak forests. In 1660, in the village of Trostyanets, a wooden church of the Ascension of the Lord was built and since then this date has been considered the year of the foundation of the city.

For 350 years of its existence, Trostyanets survived the raids of the Crimean Tatars, and rapid economic growth, and difficult war times.

Until now, many unique architectural monuments have survived - "Round Courtyard" (1749), is depicted on the coat of arms of the city,  The Annunciation Church (1749), the  Ascension Church (1913), the The landlord's estate of the owners of Trostyants - Nadarzhinsky, Golitsyn.

On the western side, Trostyanets surrounds a large massif of deciduous forest, the pearl of which is natural boundary "Neskuchnoe", which has become a favorite vacation spot for the people of Trostian. In it, among the oak trees 300-400 years old, there is a mysterious stone Grotto "Nymph" with three semicircular arches and an underground passage going deep into the slope of the ravine.

Modern Trostyanets is a small cozy town with a population of just over 20 thousand people with beautiful nature, green parks and squares. The city annually hosts musical festivals dedicated to the great Russian composer P.I.Tchaikovsky, who visited Trostyanets in 1864. Annual international pictorial plein airs have become traditional, as well as concerts of classical music, held in the restored manor house of Prince Golitsyn.

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