National Pottery Museum in Opishna

Not far from Poltava, from this sanatorium-sleepy city, there is a small village, the majority of whose inhabitants are engaged in pottery. So you can drive past by car and not notice anything special. Unless there is nothing on the market, except clay pots and a bowl.

Well, that market still needs to be found, to stop, to get out of the car, everything is going ... Well, I'll tell you - you do come out, do not be lazy, because it's worth it.

In this village there is an absolutely charming pottery museum. There are a variety of plates, jugs, bowls, but, honestly, they do not come here for this. What strikes the eyes and attracts attention is an amazing exhibition of garden and park sculptures in the open air.

On the juicy green grass are the works of different masters - some were specially made for the exhibition, some were brought after the victory at the competitions, some, how without it, it was not at all clear what was being done, for not to comprehend the thought of the creator and thinker, but from this is even more interesting.

There are absolutely amazing things, just the mind is not understandable, how it was done, how to feel the clay, to create a person, to fashion something out of nothing. And there are, and quite a few, works that themselves say that pottery is a man's business, a matter that requires inspiration, and perhaps even a need for a museum.

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