Krestovozdvizhensky Monastery, the city of Poltava

Poltava Cross Exaltation Women's Monastery is an Orthodox monastery in the Poltava Diocese, an architectural monument of national importance. It was founded in 1650 as a monastery by the abbot of the Lubensk Mgar monastery Kalistrat with the assistance of Poltava colonel Martyn Pushkar, other Cossack sergeants and petty burghers.

Abolished in 1923 year. In 1942, the monastery rebuilds its activities, but already as a nunnery. Closed in 1960 again. In 1991 year, she regains her activity as a female dormitory.

The cathedral of the monastery was laid in 1689 year, the construction was started in 1699 year at the expense of the general judge of the Cossack army VL Kochubei. After the death of his father, the cathedral was completed by his son V. V. Kochubei, there is no exact information on the date of completion of the construction (1709, 1756 in different sources), consecrated in 1756 year.

The cathedral is the dominant of the monastery ensemble and the entire landscape of Poltava and its environs. The cathedral was built in the style of Ukrainian baroque, the length of the temple is 30 meters, the height of the dome is 28. The plan is based on a standard solution of an ancient Russian three-nave church with four pylons, on which the central dome rests. This is the only temple in Ukraine with seven domes. The planes of the walls are animated by windows and niches of various shapes and sizes located in three tiers with bizarre platbands.

The Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross recalls the well-known monuments of architecture - the cathedrals of the Nikolaev and Bratsky monasteries in Kiev, the Trinity Cathedral of the Trinity-Ilyinsky Monastery in Chernigov, and the Mgarskii Monastery in Lubny. However, the Poltava cathedral is different from them by setting domes, wide angular vanes and processing window and door openings. All sides of the cathedral have an equivalent architectural solution. In the middle of the XVIII century, the master Sysoy Shalmatov cut out for the cathedral a majestic four-tiered gilded iconostasis. Near the temple in 1786 was built a brick four-tier bell tower in the late Baroque style. Its height is 47 meters. The belfry is decorated with various stucco elements.

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