Savior Transfiguration Church in the village. Great Sorochintsy

The Savior-Transfiguration Church is in with. Great Sorochintsy. The village of Velikie Sorochintsy is situated in the valley of the Psel River, at 25-kilometers from the district center - the city of Mirgorod.

The name of the village is associated with the legend that there was a nearby monastery founded by the father of Daniel the Apostle, in which there were 40 monks. When the monastery was destroyed by the enemy, and the monks were tortured to death, local residents decided to name the settlement - Soro (k) Chentsi ("chentsi" - Ukrainian monks) in their honor. In official documents the settlement is mentioned under the name Sorochintsy from 20-ies of the XVII century. Another name was used, of a more ancient origin, Krasnopol. Only in the middle of the 19th century did the current name - the Great Sorochintsy - take hold of the settlement.

In 1648, the Sorochin hundred of the Myrhorod regiment was established, and at the beginning of the 18th century the leadership of this regiment was in this town (the colonel was Daniel the Apostle). He was surrounded by an earthen rampart with wooden towers on the bastions. By the way, Sorochintsy in 1709 year withstood the assault of Swedish troops.

The Transfiguration Church in Sorochintsy was built in 1728-1734 by the hetman of the Left-bank Ukraine, Daniel the Apostle (1727-1732). She was destined to become a burial vault for her founder and his family. The church was consecrated by the then Metropolitan of Kiev, Raphael. The stone church first had nine domes, but after a fire due to a lightning strike in 1811, only five were restored.

The architect of the temple, whose walls, by the way, have a meter and a half of thickness, was Stepan Kovnir, who also built Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Bricklayers were from Poltava and Oposhni, the iconostasis was carved by masters from Glukhova and Gadyach, and the icons were painted by the artists of the Mirgorod Borovikovsky school and hieromonk Alipiy from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The hetman Cossacks helped to build the church, which in Sorochintsy at that time there were not one thousand. The remains of Hetman Danil the Apostle, his wife Juliana and four children are in the tomb under the temple, but all the ways there are now buried.

20 March 1809 year in this church baptized famous writer, our famous fellow countryman Nikolai Gogol. In 1955, the Transfiguration Church was closed, and it was returned to the faithful only in December 1989. A few years later the first repair was done in the church, the walls were painted white, the domes were painted. In 1996, 7 bought copper bells and built an 15-meter bell tower. And in 1999, with the help of sponsors, major external repairs have begun - the socle, the roof and the windows.

The main donors were the distant descendant of Daniel the Apostle - Christopher Apostol-Muravyov and Vitaly Petrusevich from the Crimea, who was once baptized in this temple. The church has a Sunday school and a library, in the fund of which 150 names spiritual books. Assistance is given to orphans of the local boarding school, large families, elderly people, lonely poor parishioners. Links with the local school and the tuberculosis sanatorium are also maintained.

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