Koblevo from Kharkov. Hotel "De La Vita"


Corporate party on the Black Sea. iron Port

Odessa - Kherson - Iron Port - Black Sea



Gypsies are noisy crowd. Tour of Bessarabia and the Danube

Odessa - Vilkovo - Izmail - Orlovka - Danube Biosphere Reserve

Koblevo from Kharkov. Spa hotel "White House" all inclusive


Koblevo. Spa hotel "White House" all inclusive


Koblevo. Park-hotel "Cypress"


Koblevo from Kharkov. Park-hotel "Cypress"


I will not tell you about the whole of Odessa. Unusual Odessa

Odessa - Belgorod-Dniester - Shabo wine center - Ochakov - Kinburn Spit - Bessarabia - Moldova - Izmail

Odessa from Kharkov. Hotel complex "Odessa" 4 *

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