Striped flight

Price 2021 of the year! Wellness Center "Striped Flight" is located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov on the famous Fedotova Spit in Kirillovka. The Sea of ​​Azov, namely Kirillovka, is today one of the best places in Ukraine for the recovery of children. Spend Summer 2021 on the Sea of ​​Azov!

Arguments in favor of choosing Striped Flight OK:

- the warm Sea of ​​Azov, in which you can splash around as much as you like;

- temperate continental sparing climate - ideal for the child's body;

- wide sandy beaches and salty sea air;

- a large green landscaped area;

- 2 hours a day aquazone with animators;

- 2 pools built in 2019 with slides;

- first coastline;

- adequate affordable prices;

 Every child has the right to the sea, hot sand and vivid impressions of a summer vacation! Therefore, everything in Kirillovka!

Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" recommends the Stripy Flight Wellness Center in Azov for all organized children's groups, sports teams, creative children's groups.

Placement Locations

Sea of ​​Azov, Kirillovka, Fedotova spit

Duration of the tour

10 days


In the health center, children are accommodated in stone buildings in 3-4-bed economy rooms. Each room has beds, bedside tables. Conveniences (washbasins, toilets, showers) are on the floor.
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Cold and hot water round the clock.


3 times a day. Breakfast lunch dinner. 



Type of tour


Excursion program

Dolphinarium, oceanarium, water park, Biryuchiy island - optional, for extra. fee


Private sandy clean beach next to the buildings, equipped with shaded canopies. 

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Daily recreational and recreational activities are conducted under the guidance of the animator:

  • morning gymnastics (exercise)
  • outdoor games
  • swimming in the pools. Only for our children's groups, the use of pools is included in the price and is not paid extra!
  • contests, games, relay races


15 person + 2 leader (or 15 person + 1 leader + 1 free place)

The cost per person in UAH.

check in / check-out  with railway pass
without railway pass and transfers

1. 13.06 - 22.06

2. 01.07 - 10.07

3. 12.07 - 21.07

4. 23.07 - 01.08
6200 5400

5. 03.08 - 12.08

6. 14.08 - 23.08

6300 5500


* additional payment of 1000 UAH is possible for accommodation in rooms with all conveniences!


railway travel (reserved seat), ticket booking, bed, transfer Melitopol railway station - camp - Melitopol railway station, accommodation, meals, use of the aquazone (2 hours a day), use of a private beach, animator services in the aquazone, insurance.


  • the price is valid for the summer season 2021 year
  • The sale of vouchers starts from 13.02.2021. Please find out the availability of seats in a specific race and book in advance.
  • departure from Kharkov - on the eve of the day of arrival, return to Kharkov - the day after the end of the arrival
  • it is possible to purchase permits for more days, a variant of bus travel to the camp from Kharkov is possible
  • The offer is relevant only for organized groups of 15 people and 2 leaders 
  • all consultations on the nuances of rest can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.


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