Price 2021 of the year! A cozy camp in the Carpathians with its own special atmosphere and aura. If you want your child to improve his health and develop creatively, then choose the "Petros" camp! The best holidays 2021 in the Carpathians!

Why do parents choose Petros camp for their children's rest?

- because it is cozy and comfortable here;

- because in Tatarovo on the bank of the Prut river unique conditions for the improvement of the child's organism;

- because from the camp you can go on foot and bike trips around the Carpathians;

- To visit various excursion routes;

- gain strength, energy and optimism for the whole year.

We invite you to the children's sports camp "Petros" in the Carpathians!

The program of rest includes: accommodation in cozy rooms with all conveniences, 4-single meals, excursions through Transcarpathia and Prykarpattya, hiking in the mountains, sports, contests, discos.

Placement Locations

Tatarov, Transcarpathian region


Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche - Tatariv - Bukovel

Season of rest


Duration of the tour

from 10 days


Children's sports camp "Petros" consists of six new wooden two-storey cottages and a new modern building with its own dining room. Accommodation in 4-local One-room and 5-two-room double rooms of European type with all amenities, necessary for a comfortable stay and rest.

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comfort 1 comfort 5
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4-one-time balanced vitaminized food in its own spacious restaurant "Shepherd's Shelter", stylized as a Hutsul kolyba.



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

The camp is located in a special climatic zone at an altitude of 730 m above sea level, on the territory of the Carpathian National Park. Only 6 km away is the Zhenets tract and the Zhenetsky waterfall, 10 km away is the unique volcanic mountain Khomyak.


The resort of Tatar has been known since the times of Austria-Hungary. In this fabulous corner of the Carpathians mountain air differs crystal clear. In the valley of the Prut river, a special healing phytophone regulating the body's immune system. Healing climatic factors contribute to an increase in the volume of breathing, regulation of blood circulation, the content of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and improvement of lung ventilation. Here, nervous disorders, upper respiratory tract and lung disease are successfully treated.


On the campus there is a 24-hour medical center.


  • volleyball and basketball field
  • sports grounds (mini and standard)
  • playground
  • modern assembly hall
  • own cinema room
  • rooms for circles
  • summer stage

    Excursion program

    The cost of the tour includes bus tours to Vorokhta, Kolomyia, Bukovel;


    Own beach area on the bank of the river Prut


    Master classes, mugs, events:

    • Soap making
    • The art of making Easter eggs
    • Pottery
    • Origami and quilling
    • Videoobloger;
    • Meetings with interesting guests
    • Dolls - Motanka
    • instabox
    • Photoshoot
    • Sightseeing tours in the Carpathians
    • Rafting on the mountain river Black Cheremosh
    • Auction;
    • Zip Line;
    • Extreme Park and climbing wall;
    • Horseback riding and quad biking;
    • Shooting from a sports bow and airsoft weapons;
    • Team games and quests;
    • Bicycle and veloskorevnavaniya;
    • Incendiary discos and parties;
    • Shooting clips and movie;
    • Photo and video report.

      Program - package Next:

    At purchase of passes "Next" the child in addition receives:

    • Learning English with a native speaker;
    • Bike to the Hook waterfall;
    • Course of the art of photography;
    • Additional excursion to Vorokhta;
    • Photoshoot and handing a disc with photos;
    • More comfortable settlement in the new building.


    individual tours, groups 15 + 1

    The cost per person in UAH.

    arrival /
    travel option
    04.06 - 13.06

    10 8000 9000
    15.06 - 28.06

    14 11500 12500
    30.06 - 13.07

    14 11500 12500
    15.07 - 28.07

    14 11500 12500
    30.07 - 12.08

    14 11500 12500
    15.08 - 28.08

    14 11500 12500

    Directions Kharkov - DOL "Petros" - Kharkov - 2550 UAH.


    - accommodation in comfortable rooms with all amenities

    - 4 meals a day

    - entertaining program, master classes

    - bus excursions to Vorokhta, Kolomiya, Bukovel

    - photo and video report.



    • The price is valid for the 2021 season
    • The price is valid for individual tours and for groups 15 + 1
    • Booking for fewer days than the change is not provided.
    • Please check availability and book tickets in advance.
    • The price does not include: entrance tickets, mountain bike rental, horse riding, Zip Line, quad biking, extreme park + climbing wall, photography instabox, personal expenses of children; travel to the camp.
    • Consultations on the nuances of rest in the Carpathians can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.

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