Fairy Adriatic (Montenegro + Croatia)

Price 2020 of the year. No night crossings!  7 nights rest on the coast, 2 meals a day. A tour for those who appreciate beauty, nature and history - Croatia and Montenegro are the countries where all this is in abundance!

Placement Locations

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia


Chop - Eger - Sarajevo - Budva - Chan - Dubrovnik - Zagreb - Chop

Season of rest

summer 2020

Duration of the tour

12 days

Visa, documents

In the presence of a biometric passport, tourists do not issue a visa, they cross the borders of the EU countries on a visa-free regime


Hotel Hotel Galeb 3 * (rating on the website booking.com 8,5)
The hotel is located just 300 meters from a pebble beach in Chan. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant serving a variety of local dishes. The restaurant terrace overlooks Chan Bay. It offers air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi in all areas of the hotel. Each room has a terrace, TV and minibar, hairdryer. There is a grocery store in the immediate vicinity.
Gallery of photographsЛіжко або Ліжка в номері Hotel GalebGallery of photographs


In transit hotels on the route - breakfast 
2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner) on the coast



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

1 day 
Chop and Eger. Arrival to Chop. Boarding a comfortable bus, crossing the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Moving across the territory of Hungary. We invite those who wish to visit Wellness-complex "Hungarian Pamukkale Egerszalok" (18 euro vzr / 15 euro children up to 14 years). At your service leisure pools, exclusive saunas, pleasant and gentle baths. Here you can truly relax.
Dinner*. Visit to the Valley of Beauties (€ 15 adults / € 10 children), where real Hungarian goulash and wine tasting (for adults, juice for children) awaits you.
Moving for the night in a transit hotel.

2 day
Sarajevo. Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Moving to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Sarajevo. Free time. Or we invite you to city ​​walking tour (15 euro). During our walking tour of Sarajevo you will discover the amazing spirit of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will feel the incredible color that has reigned here for centuries. “European Jerusalem” is the name of Sarajevo due to the fact that at a distance of several meters from each other there are religious temples of almost all denominations. Arriving in Sarajevo - the first phrase, which is usually uttered by guests of the city: "We did not expect such luxury!" And you will see this, because it is a diverse and ancient city. People lived here during the Neolithic era. During the excursion to Sarajevo, we will come into contact with parts of the ancient Illyria, which was inhabited by the Irian tribes. Many tribes and representatives of other empires conquered this territory, settled here and mingled with the local population. The excursion route will pass through the streets of the old settlement, where you will see a lot of sights and feel this incredible cocktail of the peoples of religions of cultures and eras! Sarajevo is a city that is easy to fall in love with, and then miss it!
Moving for the night in a transit hotel.

3 day 
Budva and Chaњ. Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Moving to Budva. City Tour Budva.The Budva resort is one of the oldest settlements on the entire coast of the Budva Riviera. Representing in its essence the tourist center of the coast. The picturesque city today is conditionally divided into two parts - Old and New. The first of them is a historical center, surrounded by stone walls, behind which are hidden a huge number of ancient squares and long labyrinths of the most beautiful medieval streets.
Moving to Chan. Check in at the hotel. Lunch. Free time. Familiarity with the resort. Dinner. Overnight stay.

4 - 9 day
Holidays in the resort of Chan. Free days. 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner). Overnight stay.
We offer excursions:
-  SKADAR LAKE National Park (15 euro + vh. ticket). Skadar Lake separates Albania and Montenegro and is an important natural and historical monument for the Montenegrins. It has been a National Reserve since 1983, and in 1996 it was included in the World Wetlands List of particular importance. Stretching over an area of ​​400 square kilometers.
The lake is especially known for the diversity of its flora and fauna, as well as for its ability to uniquely combine various neighboring territories with its own resources.
If you are a lover of nature and magnificent landscapes, a trip to Lake Skadar will allow you to get better acquainted with the wildlife of Montenegro.
excursion to the city of Ulcinj (15 евро).  Ulcin is a unique city, with a coastline of more than 30 km, of which 17 km of sandy beaches. Ulcin - a city with a pirate history, the center of the slave trade on the Adriatic coast. In this pirate nest, stories happened worse than the famous adventure film series Pirates of the Caribbean. This city has retained its oriental flavor and architecture.
excursion to the city of Bar (15 евро). The old town is located in 40 minutes on foot from the sea in the hill under the scorching sun (5 km). Quiet and cozy seaside town. Wide streets, equipped promenade with beaches, palm alleys, a large port and some boutiques with Italian and Chinese products. Approximately describe it to you Bar city Anyone who has ever been here. But it seems to me that this city deserves more attention. And although it doesn’t compare with Kotor or Ulcinj in terms of the number of attractions, it’s worth a visit, even for a couple of hours.
- excursion to “PARK LOVCHEN” (20 евро). When you come to the top of Jezerski mountain, one of the peaks of Lovcen, you are amazed at the opening view. Picturesque? Yes. But the main thing is the sea. Stone sea. Wherever you look - frozen stone waves. The mountain range, which is visible from everywhere from the coast, attracts with its peaks.
tour of the Bay of Kotor and Tivat (25 euro). I would like to tell you about the main treasury of Montenegro and another of its business cards - the Bay of Kotor, this is the largest bay in the country. It is worth noting that the Boko-Kotor Bay of Montenegro consists of four separate bays: Tivatsky, Kotorsky, Risansky and Toplansky. The length of the Boka coastline is over 100 kilometers. The bay is wedged into the land for 53 kilometers. The water in the Bay of Kotor is always incredibly beautiful, green and turquoise. When the weather and lighting change, the water changes color.
Tivat is a small coastal town with a population of about 10 thousand people. Tivat is known for the fact that in the XIV-XV centuries. The city was an important religious center of the country with the residence of the Orthodox Archbishop of Zetia in the monastery of St. Michael. The city is considered one of the oldest in the Boka Kotor region.

10 day 
Dubrovnik. Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Moving through the territory of Croatia. On the way we offer to visit excursion to Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik) (25 euros for adults, 15 euros for children) - an ancient city with a rich history (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). Since the Middle Ages, the prosperity of the city was based on a well-developed maritime trade and skillful diplomacy, which allowed the Dubrovnik Republic to become the only city-state in the eastern Adriatic that can compete with Venice. Art and science flourished in Dubrovnik, the city became one of the centers of development of the Croatian language and culture. Generations of the past have left behind an amazing architectural heritage, which, combined with the beauty of the local nature, has led to the city being called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.
Moving for the night in a transit hotel.

11 day 
Zagreb Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Moving to the territory of Hungary. 
Those who wish to visit a choice:
- excursion to Plitvice Lakes: to 30.06 and from 01.09 -
35 euros adults / 20 euros children up to 17,99 years old / children up to 5,99 years old free of charge, from 01.07 to 31.08 -
45 euros adults / 35 euros children up to 17,99 years old / children up to 5,99 years old free. 
Croats often call this place the “Eighth Wonder of the World” - 16 Lakes National Park, and the 92 cascade of waterfalls with blue and sometimes emerald shades of water are considered to be one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world for transparency. This is one of the few places on the planet where new waterfalls are born every year. It is said that once the queen prayed for rain, and her prayer was heard. Water streams poured from the sky and filled to the edges about twenty Plitvice lakes.
excursion “Zagreb - the capital of Croatia” (10 euro adults / 5 euro children). Zagreb is a city of contrasts - both ancient and young, in the morning - business, in the evening intended for entertainment. According to many characteristics, the city is a European metropolis, but, above all, it is known thanks to the charm of its center and the hospitality of its inhabitants.
Moving for the night in a transit hotel.

12 day 
Chop. Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. And then our path lies in Baths of Miskolctapolce (15 euros).The famous resort of Miskolctapolce has the only thermal baths in Europe in a natural cave created by nature. The springs of local thermal waters come to the surface right in the caves among the rocks, crystal clear air in the baths, light effects, an underground river in stalactite caves with light effects, waterfalls, a jacuzzi, a "pearl bath". Departure towards the Hungarian - Ukrainian border. Passing the border. Arrival in Uzhgorod after 20:30.


The cost per person in UAH.

 Tour dates Tour price for bookings until 15.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Base cost
21.06.2020 465 евро 485 евро
20.07.2020 500 евро 520 евро
08.08.2020 500 евро 520 euro
05.09.2020 465 евро 485 евро

* the current euro exchange rate must be checked with the operator 


- travel by bus;
- accommodation along the route in transit hotels of the 3 * category in rooms with all the facilities based on breakfast;
- Accommodation of 7 nights on the coast in rooms with all amenities on the basis of 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner);
- resort fee;
- health insurance;
- accompaniment by the team leader along the whole route;
- sightseeing tours listed in the program: Budva.


  • The cost of elective programs consists of the cost of entrance tickets and / or transportation services, and / or guide services, and / or reservations, and / or the cost of parking / parking / entering a bus on the premises.
  • Bus service and support of the head in his spare time is not provided;
  • The company reserves the right to change the program of the tour without reducing the total volume of services;
  • The company is not responsible for traffic jams, weather conditions and the work of the customs services;
  • The bus travels at the speed allowed by the rules of carriage of passengers in the EU countries;
  • Toilets in EU countries may be charged, with an average price from 0,50 to 1 euros.
  • Accommodation in hotels of the category 3 *, in some cases it is possible 2 *, if the hotel has the quality equal to 3 *;
  • Tourists who travel alone can be accommodated on an extra bed in a double room.
  • Hot drinks on the bus will not be prepared. During long journeys every 3-3,5 hours we will make stops where you can buy tea / coffee or other drinks.
  • The minimum number to complete an optional 20 program.
  • An accompanying group DOES NOT do an organized group check-in to Tesco supermarkets or others, unless specified in the tour program.
  • When leaving the European Union at the border TAX-FREE will not be made out.


- railway travel;
- optional excursions;
- entrance tickets to sightseeing objects (churches, cathedrals, museums, etc.); 
- travel by public transport; 
- personal expenses.

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