Forest Glade

2021 price! NEW! The camp is located 20 km from Kharkov, in the village. Tall, in an ecologically clean area, among perennial trees of a mixed forest with truly healing air!

“Lesnaya Polyana” is a friendly team that conducts high-quality children's vacations with an individual approach to each child. The camp team consists of professional educators, educators, animators, doctors and cooks.

Camp motto: “Happiness lives here! Childhood lives here! Love lives here! ”

Placement Locations

Kharkov region, town. Tall

Duration of the tour

14 days


On the territory there is one 3-storey dormitory building. Accommodation in rooms from 8 to 10 people. In each room: single beds, bedside tables, wardrobes for things. The rooms have plastic windows with mosquito nets and sun shades. On the floors and in the camp there are lockers.

There is a toilet, washbasin and personal hygiene rooms on each floor, as well as on the camp territory. Showers are located next to the dormitory. Hot water is available around the clock.

Accommodation accommodation2
accommodation 3 Accommodation 4


Balanced portioned - 5 single. Every day, children are provided with clean drinking water and disposable cups. The menu includes vegetables, beef, chicken, sausages, fruits, baked goods, dairy products, cereals, red caviar and sweets.



Type of tour



infrastructure 2 infrastructure 3

In the territory of the camp:

On the impeccably groomed territory are located:
- cozy gazebos for the work of units
- a modern sports complex with exercise equipment
- playgrounds
- modern football field with artificial turf for playing soccer
- basketball playground
- Volleyball Court
- table tennis
- a platform for playing "street ball"

Excursion program

Bus excursion or camping trip is included in the price


The camp has a swimming pool (25 m by 10 m). Bathing is carried out daily in the presence of favorable weather conditions.


Unique game programs for leisure activities focused on individual creative abilities have been developed for children. There are a variety of creative workshops, clubs, English studios, sports sections.

entertainment 4 entertainment 6
entertainment entertainment3

Throughout the rest, the thematic contests, science shows, and entertainment programs take place in the camp. Together with the service of the Ministry of Emergencies, the police and other organizations, specialized measures are taken for life safety.

Creativity in our camp is a variety of workshops: quilling, decoupage, making soft toys, soap making, modeling, origami. Theatrical, choreographic and vocal studios work.


15 people + 1 leader



1 - 25.07 (11.08 days)
2 - 14.08 (31.08 days)

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost of the voucher for 1 person:

type of voucher

individual stay 

independent delivery of the child to the camp

for groups of 15 people + 1 leader

with transfer Kharkov - camp - Kharkov

18 days 8960 UAH 9300 UAH


for groups: transfer Kharkov-camp-Kharkiv, accommodation, 6 meals a day, using the infrastructure of the camp, excursion, participation in all activities provided for by the camp program, insurance.

Individual voucher: accommodation, 6 meals a day, using the infrastructure of the camp, excursion, participation in all activities provided for by the camp program, insurance.


  • the price is valid for the summer season 2021 year
  • Sale of permits begins with 25.01.2021 year. We ask you to know the availability of seats in a specific race and book your seats in advance.
  • it is possible to purchase vouchers for fewer days (upon request)
  • all consultations on the nuances of rest can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.

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