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Price 2021 of the year! 

The tourist complex "Tisa" is located in the village of Yasinya of the Transcarpathian region in the picturesque gorge on the banks of the mountain rivers Black Tisa and Lazeshchyna, surrounded by the highest peaks of Ukraine - Hoverla, Petros and Bliznitsa. We recommend to spend the summer holidays 2021 in the Carpathians!

Advantages of rest in the Carpathians:

- we live in the high-mountainous village of Yasinya, in the very heart of the Carpathians;

- swim in mountain rivers, pick mushrooms and yafin, ride a bike;

- we climb Hoverla;

- we explore Hutsul traditions and national cuisine;

- we travel through the Carpathians: Yaremche, Vorokhta, Center of Europe, Zhenetsky waterfall, Kolomyya, Verkhovyna, Solotvino, Carpathian waterfalls and much more!

Summer 2021 in the Carpathians! We recommend for all lovers of beautiful nature and active recreation our excursion and health-improving project in the Carpathians "Tisa - Bukovel"

Attention! Camp "Tisa-Bukovel" functions only for organized groups!

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14691682

Placement Locations

Yasinya, Transcarpathian region.

Duration of the tour

from 5 days


Tourist complex "Tisa"

Large renovated tourist complex on the shore of the Black Tisza. All rooms after the renovation, 2-4-local, with all amenities, in the rooms TV, wi-fi, new furniture, single beds. Modern dining room after overhaul can accommodate up to 150 people. There is an assembly hall, a sauna, tennis tables, a sports ground, near a park, a stadium.
tisa7 tisa3 
tisa5 tisa6


balanced, 3-one-time, in a spacious cozy cafe hall.
tisa9 tisa10



Type of tour



cable TV, chess, checkers, tennis, sauna, sports ground, stadium, equipment rental, park, discotheque, events with appropriate equipment.

Excursion program

In the cost:

  • walking tour of Yasinia. Yasinya - the legendary capital of the Hutsul Republic, one of the most picturesque places of Transcarpathia. Yasinya is not without reason called "Heart of the Carpathians", because it is here that, when looking from space, they form the conditional heart, the three main ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Montenegrin, Svidovetsky and Gorgana, or hike to Bukovinka mountain  (lunch outdoors, picking blueberries, a wonderful panorama of the Svidovets ridge)
    yasinia 001 yasinia 002
    yasinia 003 yasinia 004
    bukovinka gora 002 bukovinka gora 004
  • Departure to Lake Bukovel or Departure to Polonyna Pertsi, or Zhenetsky waterfall + dinosaur park (2021 New)
    Bukovel4 ppertsi 001

Uzor NU
For an additional fee we offer:

  • Excursion "Manyavsky Skeet - "The Carpathian Mount Athos" * (500 UAH for a group of 10 people, 350 UAH for a group of 15 people + entrance tickets). Manyavsky Skete - an ancient ascetic male monastery of the Eastern rite, nicknamed "Carpathian Athos", is located on the territory of a botanical reserve, in the very thick of the Carpathian Gorgan, on the banks of the river. Maniavka. According to legend, it was founded by monks who fled from Kiev in 1240. Walking excursion to the Blessed Stone - a small cave, which was the first refuge of the monks.
    maniavskiy skit1 maniavskiy skit2

  • Excursion "Along the Tisza + Center of Europe" * (450 UAH for a group of 10 people, 300 UAH for a group of 15 people + entrance tickets) will pass along the border with Romania along the banks of the main water artery of Transcarpathia: picturesque waterfalls, a source of mineral water in Kwasah, Rakhiv, Museum of Mountain Ecology, Hutsul Furniture Museum, Geographic center of Europe in the village of Dilove, the place of the confluence of the Black and White Tisza.
    Rakhiv 06 Rakhiv 07

  • Excursion "Center of Europe + Solotvino" * (500 UAH for a group of 10 people, 350 UAH for a group of 15 people + entrance tickets). Solotvino - a piece of the Dead Sea in Transcarpathia. Bathing in salt water, the presence of salt in which is 275 g / l! Rest in the center "Yalinka" - 4 swimming pool with salt water of different temperatures, ice pool, recreation areas.
    solotvino1 solotvyno

  • Excursion to Kolomyia* (500 UAH for the group 10 people, 350 UAH for the group from 15 people + entrance tickets) .. The town of Kolomyi, one of the most beautiful towns of Galicia. Unique and the only museum in the world of fancy painting, which is located in the center of the largest egg in the world (13,5 m) and has an exposure of more than 12 000 exhibits. One of the best museums in Ukraine is the National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul and Pokuttya. The oldest wooden church in Ukraine.
    kolomiya1 kolomyja 3

  • Excursion "Vorokhta-Verkhovyna"* (500 UAH for a group of 10 people, 350 UAH for a group of 15 people + entrance tickets). The past and present of the famous Carpathian resort Vorokhta, viaduct bridges of the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Krivopil Pass (1013 m), Hutsul Capital Verkhovyna, a museum of ancient musical instruments, the museum of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", a museum of Carpathian magic (malfaism).
    verhovina vorohta2

  • Excursion only to Vorokhta *  (450 UAH for a group of 10 people, 300 UAH for a group of 15 people + entrance tickets).
    vorohta111 vorohta112

  • Excursion "Kosov - Sheshory Falls"* (600 UAH per person for a group of 10 people, 450 UAH for a group of 15 people)   Kosiv - the capital of the national Hutsul craft. Visit to the Kosovo Museum of Folk Life and Art, the exhibition and sale of Kosovo ceramics. Amazing waterfall Hook in Kosovo make us hold our breath. Excursion to the famous Sheshorskiy Silver Falls: the height of the fall of a large waterfall (also Hooke) is 5 meters, and the power of the water flow is fascinating. And near the small waterfalls in the warm season there is a whole beach of holidaymakers and tourists. Manor of St. Nicholas. You fall into a fairy tale. The atmosphere of a miracle creates a great mood not only among children, but also always busy and gloomy adults.
    Ashraf kosov sheshory

  • excursion to Chernivtsi * (750 UAH per person for a group of 10 people, 550 UAH for a group of 15 people).  Ukrainian Vienna, which is rightly considered the pearl of architecture. City tour. Walk through the old town - a holistic, almost untouched ensemble of the XIX - early XX centuries. Visit the National University - the architectural masterpiece of the former Residence of the Orthodox metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia. In 2012, the city of Chernivtsi was recognized as the most comfortable city in Ukraine.
    chernovtsy 002 univer 002

  • Excursion "Synevyr + Bear Center + Shipot Waterfall" * (1000 UAH per person for a group of 10 people, 750 UAH for a group of 15 people).  Mountainous Lake Synevyr, which is popularly called the Sea Eye, is one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. The route to it passes through Volcanic and between the Poloninsky and Vodorazdelny ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Tourists will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, see a wonderful panorama of the mountains, turbulent streams of rivers, picturesque waterfall Shipot, They will breathe in the clean air deeply, and on the way they will taste the mineral water directly from the spring. The Synevyr brown bear rehabilitation center is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. Bears are brought here, which were mistreated by the previous owners. Bears are taught to adapt to natural living conditions. This place will impress any tourist and will not leave anyone indifferent.
    sinevir 001 sinever 002

  • Excursion to Ivano-Frankivsk * (500 UAH for group 10 people, 350 UAH for group 15 people + entrance tickets).  Ancient Stanislav is now the regional center of the Carpathian region. Spitalna Street, Potocki Palace, Market Square, City Hall, Sheptytsky Maidan, Cathedral, Armenian Church, new city, chocolate workshop. The ruins of the Pnivsky defensive castle of the XIII century. in Nadvirna. You can visit the reserve "Ancient Galich."
    ivano frankovsk04 ivano frankovsk3

  • Excursion "Mountain Hutsul passes + Yaremche" * (450 UAH for group 10 people, 300 UAH for group 15 people + entrance tickets) - On the picturesque mountain road, bypassing the Hutsul villages of Lazeshchyna, Tatariv, Yablunitsa, Mykulychyn, after making a stop on Yablunets Pass, we reach the famous Yaremche... This elegant and pretty town, stretched out on the river. Prut is beautiful at any time of the year. Stop near the waterfalls Probiy and Guk (Zhenetsky waterfall). The Hutsuls are sure that the places near the mountain waterfalls have powerful energy. Near the Probiy waterfall, everyone will feel it: all problems and anxieties are removed as if by hand. Rather, it washes away with water! Guk (Zhenetsky waterfall) is one of the highest, most spectacular and popular waterfalls in the Carpathians. It is located in the mountains between the villages of Tatarov and Mikulichin, in the valley of the Zhenets River, which flows into the Prut River, not far from the dacha of the ex-President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko. The originality of the Zhenetsky waterfall is that it is very young - it is not yet hundreds of years old! In the middle of the XX century. from the collapse of rocks, a 15-meter cliff was formed, from which a stormy stream is now falling. Visit to the bazaar of Hutsul souvenirs. Restaurant "Hutsulshchyna", open-air cages with wild animals, Dovbush trail, park "Carpathians in miniature"
    yaremche2 yaremche9
  • Departure for Bukovel.* (150 UAH per person) On the new road through Yablunetsky pass to Bukovel, just 13 km., A variety of flora and fauna of the Carpathians, the history of the Bukovel resort, main roads, main attractions, an unforgettable walk on the cable car, dizzying beauty and stunning pictures! Those who prefer the less active to the less active, resort Bukovel offers water entertainment complexes, open-air thermal pools, saunas, walks on the cable car, kolyby and restaurants, numerous children's entertainment, attractions, and in the summer - the largest artificial mountain lake in Ukraine with a magnificent beach, sun beds and all water activities.
    Bukovel Bukovel4

  • Departure on the most high mountain resort of Ukraine -  Dragobrat * (250-350 UAH per person, Dragobrat + O. Gereshaska - 450-500 UAH per person) The tract Dragobrat is located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level at the junction of coniferous forests and high mountain meadows. Snow falls here from October to May. Walk along the trails of ur. Dragobrat is a source of strength, health, tranquility, harmony with the world for a whole year. Connoisseurs of beauty are invited to take a hike through the Polonin Dragobrat to one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of the Carpathians - Gereschsk lakes.
    dragobrat01 dragobrat02

  • Ascent to the highest point of Ukraine - Mount Hoverla * (350 UAH for group 10 people, 250 UAH for group 15 people + entrance tickets)  How not to take this opportunity and not to accomplish a personal feat - to climb Mount Hoverla (2061 m)! You will be proud of yourself, and all your friends, relatives and acquaintances will be proud of you! The ascent to Hoverla is 4 km of a picturesque, sometimes treacherous slope, incredible views, the most beautiful nature of the Carpathians and enjoying the purest mountain air. Mount Hoverla is the highest mountain peak and the highest point in Ukraine. Hoverla has a mystical meaning for the Ukrainian people, it is not for nothing that tens of thousands of people conquer it every year.
    goverla last steps goverly

    At an altitude of 1750 m at the foot of Hoverla, the Prut River, the left tributary of the Danube, the largest river in Western Europe, is born from a small spring. Alpine and subalpine meadows await Hoverla at height 1800 m. From here you can see most of the Ukrainian Carpathians, in good weather you can see the cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomyia.

    And if you have already conquered Hoverla, then do not despair: there is still Pop-Ivan, Petros, Khomyak, Sinyachka, Gorgany, Montenegrin Range, Lake Nesamovite, Lake Brebeneskul and many other natural wonders of the Carpathians!

  • Excursion "Verkhovyna-Krivorivnya" * (600 UAH for group 10 people, 400 UAH for group 15 people + entrance tickets). Verkhovyna. Ethnographic center "Hutsulshchina" on the banks of the Black Cheremosh. Concert-excursion of Roman Kumlyk's Man-Orchestra. Hata - Museum of the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". Museum of Polonyna life "Khata-flock". Kryvorivnya is one of the oldest villages in the Carpathian region on the banks of the Cheremosh. Hut-museum of Ivan Franko, museum "Hata-grazhda", garden-museum of Hutsul life and Hutsul instruments of the famous folk master, musician and humorist Nikolai Illuk.
    krivorivnia verhovina

  • Entertainment The Carpathian font * (1600 UAH UAH on 5-7 people for 2 hours + shipping): Carpathian vats in the open air. A fire is kindled under the cast iron vats, and thanks to the peculiarities of cast iron, the water in the vats is heated and constantly maintained at a temperature of 40-42 degrees. In the relaxation room you can enjoy the taste of Carpathian tea, Viennese coffee, medicinal herbal infusions. Helpful and pleasant!
    kupel 001 kupel 002

  • Departure for "Poloninu Perci" * (200 UAH for group 10 people, 150 UAH for group 15 people + entrance tickets). We invite you to the stylized polonin in the village. Yablunitsa. You will be met by a gazda, acquainted with its economy, shows a real Hutsul hut, a flock with a vaternik, ancient things of Hutsuls, will reveal the secrets of making budza, vurda and brynza. Guests will enjoy a tasting of cheese with homemade liqueurs, live folk music, a photo for memory in folk Hutsul clothes. For an additional fee, you can order a bograch, banosh and other local delicacies, buy souvenirs and eco-products - cheese, lard, mushrooms, tinctures.
    ppertsi 001 ppertsi 002

  • Pedestrian trekking through the Carpathians, to the sources of the Black Tisza, to the Yablunets Pass and others * (100 UAH per person).


In 100 m. From the base there is a beach area on the bank of the Black Tisza river, where swimming is possible in summer. The resort Bukovel offers a rest on a mountain lake of youth, where the beach, chaise lounges, mattresses, umbrellas, aquabatut, a water slide, a rescue service are at the service of the guests.

tisa kupanie03 tisa kupanie02
tisa kupanie04 tisa kupanie01


Board games, football, volleyball, pioneerball, stadium, walking tours, Yasinya history museum, local history museum, excursions

You can go to the super disco in Bukovel.
tisaaa001 tisaaa002


15 person + 2 leader (or 15 person + 1 leader + 1 free place)


by agreement - from any date

The cost per person in UAH.

duration /
travel option
without railway pass and transfers without railway passage,
transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk and back

without railway passage,
transfer from Lviv, Uzhgorod or Ternopol and back

with railway pass from Kharkov
in Yasinya with transfers in Kiev (reserved seat)
with railway passage to Lviv, Ternopil (reserved seat)
and transfer to Yasinya
with railway pass
Kharkiv-Yasinya - Kharkov (Coupe)
5 days / 4 nights in the Carpathians 3300 3800 4400 4700 5200 6000
6 days / 5 nights in the Carpathians 3900 4400 5000 5300 5800 -
7 days / 6 nights in the Carpathians 4500 5000 5600 5900 6400 7200
8 days / 7 nights in the Carpathians 5100 5600 6200 6500 7000 -
9 days / 8 nights in the Carpathians 5700 6200 6800 7100 7600 8400
10 days / 9 nights in the Carpathians 6300 6800 7400 7700 8200 -

 Early booking promotion! 

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14691682


railway fare and transfers (according to the selected tour package), accommodation in a tourist complex (rooms with conveniences), full board meals (for nights), 2 excursions, use of camp infrastructure, insurance.


  • The price is valid for the 2021 season
  • Please check availability and book in advance. Sale of permits opens 02.02.2021 year.
  • This offer is valid only for organized groups of 15 people. In the event of a reduction in the amount, the permit must be recounted.
  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer. Possible miscalculation of the tour for any number of days, other options for accommodation in the Carpathians, various travel options.
  • Specify the cost of the tour before booking.
  • In the New Year - Christmas period, there are higher tariffs.
  • Consultations on the nuances of rest in the Carpathians can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.


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