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Price 2021 of the year! We invite you to the best health camp in Ukraine! Summer recreation complex "Sunny Beach" is located in the village. Sergeevka of the Odessa region on the Black Sea coast. Summer vacation 2021 on the Black Sea in Sergeevka in the camp "Sunny Beach"!

Advantages of the camp "Sunny Beach" in Sergeevka:

- clean fine white sand, unique microclimate;

- 5-single meals, organic fruits;

- a large beautiful well-groomed green area;

- a lot of sports, playgrounds, places for recreation and entertainment;

- a diverse animation program;

- A cheerful friendly friendly atmosphere.

Where to spend summer 2021?

The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" recommends the "Sunny Beach" camp on the Black Sea for all organized children's and student groups, sports teams, creative children's groups.

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here -https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14777499

Placement Locations

Black Sea, Odessa region, Sergeevka

Duration of the tour

from 10 days


Accommodation in modern multi-storey buildings. 2-5-ti local rooms with all amenities (WC, shower, warm and cold water).

All rooms with balconies. Each floor has a spacious hall with a tennis table and TV.
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Meals in the canteen on the territory of the center 5 times a day, in one shift: breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, second dinner. The menu consists of a variety of dishes, herbs, vegetables, fruits, natural juices and mineral water. Vacationers are provided with dry food and drinking water on the way back.
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Type of tour



In the territory of the camp:

- summer cinema
- a concert hall for 1500 seats
- a disco area
- library
- summer verandas and spacious halls for classes and rehearsals
- Cross-country trail
- a football field with a natural grass lawn (size 105 / 70 meters)
- small football field
- basketball and volleyball courts
- tennis tables
- Sports Equipment.

The camp territory is guarded around the clock.

territory 01 territory 03

Excursion program

The cost of the tour includes an excursion to the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress.

For an additional fee - excursions to Odessa, dolphinarium, Odessa port, catacombs, Odessa film studio, Vilkovo, Black Sea port.


The camp has its own comfortable beach with a swimming instructor.

Zest Sergeevka and daily entertainment for children is the delivery to the beach on your own boat along the estuary. 10 minutes of water walk with a breeze - and you are on the beach !!!

Also on the beach is a bridge across the estuary.
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"Olympic Games", competitions and games at sea, "Day of Neptune", football matches, "Cossack fun", "Knight's tournaments", "Show of ghosts", various contests and daily discos.
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Every year the camp holds various festivals: ”Sergeevskiye Zori”, “MOREFEST”, ”Chornomorski Vіtrila”, ”ZoriFest”, “Bright summer”, ”Starry Summer”, ”Ukraine is a mustache”


15 person + 2 leader (or 15 person + 1 leader + 1 free place)


Arrivals for groups on 10 days:

1. 02.06 - 11.06 
2 - 13.06
3. 24.06 - 03.07
4. 05.07 - 14.07
5. 16.07 - 25.07
6. 27.07 - 05.08
7. 07.08 - 16.08
8 - 18.08

Rides for groups on 21 day:

1. 02.06 - 22.06
2. 24.06 - 14.07
3. 16.07 - 05.08
4. 07.08 - 27.08

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost of the tour for 1 people (10-day races for groups):

check in / check-out
with railway pass
early booking
to 10.05
with railway pass
booking after
arrivals № 1,8
for groups
arrivals № 2,7
for groups 
arrivals № 3,4,5,6
for groups 

Contact the manager, learn more, you can book here - https://m.me/navigatorukraina?ref=w14777499

The cost of the tour for 1 people (21-day races for groups):

Arrival / type of tour

with railway pass
early booking
to 10.05

with railway pass
booking after

arrivals № 1,4
for groups
12900 13900
arrivals № 2,3
for groups 
13400 14400


for groups: railway pass (reserved seat), ticket booking, bed, transfer to / from the railway station Odessa - camp - railway station Odessa, accommodation, 5 meals a day, use of the camp infrastructure, use of the beach, boat to the beach, services of counselor, sports and entertainment programs, excursion to the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress, medical care, insurance, 2 free executive seats


  • the price is valid for the summer season 2021 year
  • Sale of permits begins with 10.02.2021 year. We ask you to know the availability of seats in a specific race and book your seats in advance.
  • When buying vouchers to 01.05, an early booking action is in effect.
  • departure from Kharkov to Odessa - on the eve of the day of arrival, return to Kharkov - the next day after the end of the arrival
  • It is possible to purchase permits for more days
  • all consultations on the nuances of rest can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.

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