Price 2021 of the year. Rest in summer 2021 on the Black Sea in Skadovsk! The sports and recreation complex "Brigantina" is located on 6-hectares of landscaped shady territory in the sanatorium of the Black Sea town of Skadovsk, Kherson region. 

For holidaymakers in the camp "Brigantine" in Skadovsk:

- climate and nature, similar in their characteristics to the indicators of the world-famous French Riviera;

- a unique combination of sea, steppe and forest climatic zones;

- developed infrastructure for sports;

- a sports semi-Olympic swimming pool with heating;

- a professional stage and a hall for 450 seats;

- a dream of all children - a marine aqua park with an area of ​​3000 sq.m .;

All this creates great opportunities for recreation, hardening and healing! Come to the Brigantine! There will be no time to be bored!

Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" recommends the "Brigantine" camp in Skadovsk on the Black Sea for all organized children's groups, sports teams, creative children's groups, as well as for individual rest of your children.

Placement Locations

Black Sea, Kherson region, Skadovsk

Duration of the tour

14 days


Four modern capital three-storey dormitories with 150 beds each have 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms, equipped with new furniture. The area of ​​the rooms meets the requirements of the SES. Separately for girls and boys on each floor: toilets, bathrooms with washbasins, showers with constantly supplied hot water, hygiene rooms for girls are provided. Counselors and group leaders live in separate rooms next to the children.

Near each sleeping building there are washbasins, water washbasins, drinking water fountains, a central fountain, covered verandas, play and party rooms.

On the territory of the MLC "Brigantine" special round-the-clock security of the facility is organized, special vehicles are constantly on duty.

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In "Brigantine" food is tasty and healthy. Meals take place in a modern and comfortable dining room, designed for more than 500 people in the "buffet" mode. Counselors and waiters will help you choose a dish from the range, balance portion. This format allows you to exclude products from the personal menu - allergens, to ensure that each child will find his own food to taste.

Guys eat five times a day - it helps them to accumulate energy and be active throughout the day. Every day, children are offered a menu with the necessary amount of meat, fish and dairy products. The vegetables and fruits we use are grown in local fields and are environmentally friendly. The dining room is equipped with modern equipment, combi-steamers, conveyor dishwasher.

Nutrition 2 Food

All food that falls on the tables of children is monitored daily by a health worker, the products have all the necessary certificates and permits. It is very important that the tap water in the camp is artesian and drinkable. The water quality is checked regularly.

Since 2018, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system has been implemented in the Brigantine camp as a reliable mechanism for protecting consumers from the dangers that may accompany food products. According to the results of the three inspections of Derspozhivsibi (the modern analogue of the sanitary epidemiological station) for the 2018 summer season in Brigantine, there was not a single violation in the dining room and the quality of the food produced.



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

Clean sea air, sun and air baths, sea bathing. The camp employs qualified medical personnel. In the first-aid post there is an isolator for 12 beds, a doctor's office, a manipulation room, a treatment room; two bathrooms, shower room. For the doctors fixed duty car.

Health promotion is a must in the camp. Rational five meals a day, saturated with fruits and vegetables, change of leisure activities during the day, adequate physical exertion - all this allows the children to restore the body's natural strength, replenish their internal energy and get rid of the metropolis syndrome. 

The camp is located in a unique ecologically clean region. The water in the Dzharylagchskoye Lake of the Black Sea, where the camp is located, is incredibly good for health. Mud from the bottom of the reservoir have a therapeutic and cosmetic effect. In addition, they are used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the central and peripheral nervous system, ENT organs, skin diseases, have anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, strengthen the metabolic processes, promote the removal of radionuclides and toxins from the body. Sulfate composition helps to get rid of psoriasis, skin diseases and irritations. The air here is saturated with ozone, iodine and sea salt cocktails. All of these components are ideal for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system.


Sports ground with artificial turf 35x43, basketball court (tiles), soccer field 38 * 65, volleyball court (sand), handball, rugby, table tennis, choreography hall 30x20, athletic town (Swedish staircase, rods, horizontal bars, press bench , bars, rope), an indoor cinema club with a professional stage (450 seats), a water park, a vitamin bar, an internet cafe, a campfire, a gym, a children's cafe, a dance floor.

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Excursion program

Camp "Brigantine" offers for an additional fee excursions around the Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions, to the Kherson fortress, the biosphere reserve "Askania Nova", the Nikolaev zoo, the museum of shipbuilding and fleet, to the Nikolaev shipyard


Own sandy beach. On the beach are sun-screening verandas, playgrounds, two summer showers, two drinking fountains, and two locker rooms. The beach is equipped with an observation tower, a boat and rescue equipment. The water area of ​​the beach is surrounded by buoys. The depth of the bay for 1 km from the shore - up to 1m.

A unique water park for 3 thousand sq.m. (slides, trampolines, water polo, swings, catapults, etc.) is located in the sea in its own beach, protected by a protective net from jellyfish.

Sports pool 25m (25x14x1,4), semi-Olympic, depth 1.80, heated.

Bathing1 Bathing2
Bathing3 Bathing4


Cultural events are held daily in the camp. A team of professional teachers thinks through every game or concert to the smallest detail. Therefore, all events are not only entertaining, but also have a developing and educational character. Our activities help children to reveal their talents, to reveal leadership qualities, to learn how to work in a team.

Each shift - thematic. We try to diversify leisure by offering a variety of activities: quests, games, trainings, festivals, intellectual competitions, musicals, beach animations, team sports competitions, dance performances, and more. Almost all the animation is authored by the Brigantine team. In addition, we constantly attend forums and seminars that allow you to use the best that is in Ukraine and abroad. We are constantly in search of new formats and forms of work.

razvlecheniya 001 razvlecheniya 002

"Brigantine" has become a traditional participant of the charitable children's festival "Black Sea Games". Last year, it was our camp that opened this festival. As far as possible, we invite stars, famous performers, professional choreographers to visit.

Entertainment1 Entertainment2
Entertainment3 Entertainment4

The territory of the camp is equipped with sports infrastructure. Here are located playgrounds for volleyball, football (large and mini field), basketball, outdoor gym. Recently, an obstacle course and a rope park appeared in the Brigantine. On the sports grounds, children are always under the supervision of counselors and qualified sports instructors.


15 people + 1 leader or 20 people + 2 leaders

And also individual tours.

The cost per person in UAH.

type of voucher

without delivery
To camp

for the group
15 + 1 leader
from the railway,
by transfers
Kherson camp-Kherson
for the group
20 + 2 leaders
from the railway,
by transfers
Kherson camp-Kherson
shift № 1 with 02.06 on 15.06
11000 12000  12000 
shift № 2 with 17.06 on 30.06 12000 13000 13000
shift № 3 with 02.07 on 15.07 13000 14000  14000 
shift № 4 with 17.07 on 30.07 13000 14000  14000
shift № 5 with 01.08 on 14.08   12000  13000  13000
shift № 6 with 16.08 on 29.08    11000  12000  12000

There are places   Few places    No places 

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for groups: railway pass Kharkiv - Kherson - Kharkov, ticket booking, bed, transfer, railway station Kherson - camp - railway station Kherson, accommodation, meals, use of camp infrastructure, use of the beach, services of counselor, group leader services, sports and entertaining programs, medical care, insurance.

individual stay: accommodation, meals, use of camp infrastructure, use of the beach, services of a counselor, sports and entertainment programs, medical care, insurance.


  • the price is valid for the summer season 2021 year
  • The sale of vouchers starts from 08.02.2021. Please find out the availability of seats in a specific race and book in advance.
  • departure from Kharkov - one day before the date of arrival, return to Kharkov - the day after the end of the arrival
  • all consultations on the nuances of rest can be obtained from the managers of the tour operator.


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