From history to modern times. Walking tour around Kharkov

The first capital of Ukraine, the largest city 50-th parallel, the legendary capital of Polovtsi Sharukan - "the city behind the wall at the swampy river", a modern cultural, industrial and scientific center with a population of almost 1,5 million people. You are invited by Kharkov!

We are convinced at 100% that the tour will please you!

After all, Kharkov is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, a city with a million inhabitants, a city-worker, a city-dandy, a city-businessman, a city-scientist, a hero city, although officially it did not deserve its title. Kharkov has something to be proud of and has something to show!

In the excursion program:  excursion information, Kharkov sights, escort of the group.

Get to know Kharkov! Solve Kharkov! Love Kharkov! - with these words we are addressing all our beloved Kharkiv citizens and no less beloved guests of the city!


a panoramic walking tour of Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Duration of the tour

2-3 hours


Walking tour

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As well as it is necessary any excursion, it necessarily should begin with a legend! And there are a lot of beautiful legends about the origin of Kharkov, beginning with the legend about the daughter of Atilla Kharkha and ending with the mythical Cossack of Kharkov. Kharkov is a city of free and free people, whose ancestors were Ukrainian Cossacks.

Kharkov is the first capital of Ukraine, the city where the first university was opened, the first newspapers and magazines were published in Ukrainian, where Ukrainian television appeared, where the nucleus of the atom was split and a radio telescope was constructed.

City tour: 

University hill - the fortress hill, the Eternal Flame, the Assumption and Annunciation Cathedrals, the symbol of the city - the Mirror Stream, Victory Square;
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Monuments V.P. Karazin and T.G. Shevchenko;
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The largest square in Europe is Freedom Square, National University, Derzhprom. History, symbols, traditions of Kharkov, streets and squares, famous Kharkovites and much more.
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You can visit the historical museum or other museums of your choice.


from two people

The cost per person in UAH.

Guided tour (per group) 1-10 read. 11-20 read.
2h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1200 1500
3h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1500 1800
2h hour excursion in English and French 1600 1900
3h hour excursion in English and French 1700 2000


escort group guide, excursion service


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