Legends of the old city. Quest-tour around Kharkov

Quest-excursion "Legends of the old city" is an author's excursion, in which, in addition to quests, there are necessarily interesting facts, stories and legends.

Quest excursion is something that you will definitely like:

- this is a new direction, which makes it possible to combine the game and the excursion.

is an excursion without traditional guides, during which historical realities and novels about people who created the biography of the city alternate with fascinating riddles and puzzles.

- This is an extremely unusual, new, most technological and advanced way to get to know your favorite city.

Why this is necessary for our children:

- in an easy, playful form, looking for answers to questions, children will get acquainted with the city, its history, legends, architecture.

- With an adaptive map of the city, they learn to navigate the map.

- in search of answers to quests, they develop attention, logic, resourcefulness.

What you need to complete the city quest: mobile phone or tablet with internet connection.

So let's go, players! The city will appear before you either well recognizable, as on tourist postcards, or caught in an unexpected perspective.


Smart tour of the city from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

Duration of the tour

2 hours


Walking tour

Type of tour


Excursion program

So, we get to know the city using the city quest:
  • You can get acquainted with the sights of the city with the help of a quest-excursion;
  • All you need to complete the city quest is a mobile phone or tablet with the Internet connected;
  • It's really a lot of fun! You are not just listening to someone's story, you are looking for answers, moving along the route, solving simple but interesting problems - in a word, you get a lot of pleasure from the walk!
  • Passing the quest is easy! It is important to follow the instructions and read the questions carefully. By the way, parents with children also pass our quests with pleasure!
  • During the quest, we will tell you about all the most interesting facts and legends associated with those places that you visit during the walk!
  • You can devote your photo session against the background of this or that place you like exactly exactly as long as your sense of beauty requires! :)
  • Perhaps it's unnecessary to talk about how much pleasure it is to walk around the city exclusively in company with loved ones, be it family, friends or classmates, and discuss with them your impressions of a particular landmark.

    As they say - one for all and all for one!

At the end of the quest excursion, if desired, you can visit the Art-cafe "Plasticine vorona", a museum of photo-illusions.
vkusnyj kharkov03 vkusnyj kharkov01



maximum 12 people

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost of author's excursion (per group)* - 1200 UAH.


accompaniment of group by the guide, author's excursion service.


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