Bells of Kharkov. Crossroads of religions

Three of the seven wonders of Kharkov are temples. Pokrovsky Monastery, the Assumption Cathedral and the Annunciation Church are rightly the visiting cards of the "first capital". The excursion gives a more complete picture of the religious architecture of our city, various religious confessions, the spiritual life of Kharkov.

TOP 5 reasons to choose this excursion:

- this is one of the most beautiful excursions, because we will see the idea of ​​the beauty of different peoples and religions;

- this is one of the wisest excursions, because it combines the wisdom of many generations of sages;

- this is one of the most informative excursions, since religion is closely connected with history and culture;

- this is one of the most valuable excursions, because spiritual truths are priceless;

- this is one of the most democratic excursions, because it calls to appreciate different ideas about the world, different cultural traditions and values.

"All flags will visit us." These words of the classic can characterize the religious life of Kharkov. Let's go get to know them!


a thematic walking tour around Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

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2-3 hours


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All major religions of the world are represented in Kharkov. And not only religions - multiple religious movements, communities, branches. There are Old Believer churches in Kharkov, and Baptist, and Protestant, and Evangelical communities, and Catholic monasteries, and a Buddhist Pagoda, and Krishnaite temples, and a Karaite kenassa, several mosques of different directions.

It is necessary to stop the choice only on the most interesting and significant.

Compound of the Holy Pokrovsky Monastery for Men, Ozeryanskaya Church, Pokrovsky Church, Annunciation Cathedral, bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral;
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Temple of Panteleimon the Healer. Visiting the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Jewish Choral Synagogue (Beit Menachem), Al-Barokat Mosque, the Armenian Church.
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A visit to the Museum of Church History is also possible.


from two people

The cost per person in UAH.

Guided tour (per group) 1-10 read. 11-20 read.
2h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1200 1500
3h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1500 1800
2h hour excursion in English and French 1600 1900
3h hour excursion in English and French 1700 2000


escort group guide, excursion service


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