Top 5 galleries of Kharkiv

Today we want to show you aesthetic Kharkov, modern Kharkov, fashionable Kharkov, beautiful Kharkov! We invite you to visit the five best Art Centers in the city of Kharkov! Everyone will be able to see and take pictures with the latest in contemporary art and answer to himself what he sees in this or that work.

We will walk around Kharkov and visit:

- in the art gallery "COME in. art gallery";

- in "Ermilov Center";

- Gallery "AVEC";

- Kharkiv Municipal Gallery;

- Art Center "Aza Nizi Maza".

We will see the works of modern artists, sculptors, photographers and feel the soul of the modern metropolis named Kharkov!


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3,5 hours


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Art gallery “COME in. art gallery "

The Art Gallery of Contemporary Art is an open space for communication and creativity. The activities of the Kharkov independent gallery Come in are aimed primarily at the development and promotion of various forms of contemporary art. It regularly hosts exhibitions of works by both recognized artists and young talents. The gallery also hosts lectures, chamber concerts and many other cultural events.   

 as in come in 2

"Ermilov Center"

Yermilov Center is one of the largest and most dynamic centers of modern art in Ukraine.
The mission of the Center is to popularize contemporary art and culture, to create a multifunctional space for the demonstration of exhibition projects and interaction between artists, critics, curators and researchers.

ermilov ermilov 2

Gallery "AVEK"

Gallery "AVEC" is the largest non-state exhibition area in Kharkov, located in the city center. She began her work in 2000, the main goal was and is the desire to acquaint Kharkiv citizens with works of art from different eras and works of our time, to support talented masters regardless of their age.

avek avek 2

Kharkiv Municipal Gallery

Exists since 1996. During its existence, the gallery has become a popular center for contemporary art, known and reputable outside of Kharkov and Ukraine. The main task of the gallery is to popularize modern visual art.

municipality municipality 2           

Art Center Aza Nizi Maza

There is one non-standard place in Kharkov, where not only people are taught to draw, but they also hold exhibitions and various events related to art.           
Previously, the Aza Nizi Maza art center worked as a school for those who want to learn how to draw. And in September, he found a new home and is now a full-fledged gallery. The walls of the center are currently decorated with a large variety of children's works, which are about 70 units.

 aza niza aza naza 2


from 2 to 15 people

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2h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1200 1500
3h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1500 1800


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