Gamlet trail. Street art from Hamlet Zinkovsky

We invite you to an exclusive walking tour dedicated to the work of the famous Kharkov artist Hamlet Zinkovsky. You can find his works, which amaze with their deep life philosophy, in the most unexpected places of our city ...

Hamlet Zinkovsky - one of the most famous and "prolific" Kharkov artists, his street art is in many cities of Ukraine, but in Kharkov there are especially many works - more than 80.

Hamlet’s manner is always recognizable:

- he prefers monochrome style;

- his work carries a melancholic mood;

- almost always accompanied by a concise philosophical signature;

- use objects of the environment or in a certain way are associated with the place where they are depicted.

Hamlet spent a lot of exhibitions, performances, got into the short lists of the PinchukArtCentre Prize and represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale.


a thematic walking tour around Kharkov from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

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2-2,5 hours


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During a walking tour of the central part of the city, we will get acquainted with different types of modern street art, find out how tags, graffiti, murals and street installations differ, and see the most vivid examples of them in Kharkov.

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According to the proposed route, we will see not only the works of Hamlet Zinkovsky, but also other contemporary artists - Roman Minin, Victoria Kashtanova-Kalashnik (creative pseudonym Ms.Chestnut), Alexey Postulga, Alexander Korban, artists of the art group "SOUL" ...

gamlet gamlet2

Hamlet Zinkovsky is an artist known for his street art work in Kharkov and other cities. Born in Kharkov in 1986, he studied at the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts at the faculty of monumental painting. He was expelled from the university in 2009 for academic arrears in physical education and psychology. Now he lives and works mainly in Kharkov, participates in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Incidentally, Hamlet - the real name of the artist. Many works are in arches and gateways - Hamlet calls them "Street Art for Rain People." According to the artist's idea, in these arches, people walking along the street wait out sudden downpours, while they can contemplate the work and think about the eternal ...

gamlet3 gamlet4

Street art Zinkovsky is characterized by the presence of characteristic copyright texts. In 2009 and 2011, the year was one of the finalists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize. In 2013, together with Zhanna Kadyrova and Nikolai Ridny, he represented Ukraine at the 53-nd Venice Biennale. Zinkovsky presented two projects: “Alone with himself” and “Book of people”.

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maximum 15 people

The cost per person in UAH.

Guided tour (per group) 1-10 read. 11-20 read.
2h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1200 1500
3h hour excursion in Russian and Ukrainian 1500 1800


accompaniment of the group by an art critic guide, author's excursion service


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