Glitter and misery. Streets of the Paradoxes

Kharkov - only at first glance, the city is noisy, hurried and business. It is enough to literally take a step away from the main streets, as you are transported to a completely different Kharkiv: unhurried, quiet and romantic.

And it begins to seem that time itself has lost its way in these ancient streets and alleys - you just need to take a closer look.

If you want to try it - then we turn off with the rumbling machines of Pushkin:

- to the former Skrypnitskaya, where until the beginning of the twentieth century, water-carts constantly creaked;

- to Melnikov Street, where Jews lived in small houses next to the Choral Synagogue;

- to the “Gray House” of the merchant Kovalenko, in which the student of the private boarding house Masha Vilinskaya (Marko Vovchok) lived;

- on Grazhdanskaya Street, in one of the houses of which singer Mark Bernes rented an apartment;

- To the Kharkov College of Textiles and Design, famous for its graduate Andrei Tishchenko (Andre Tan);

 - to the Maiden Street - the street of contrasts, which has now become famous thanks to the fashionable art platform “Spalah”


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We start from Vorobyev Street, which is named after Vorobiev Vladimir Petrovich (1876-1937) - an outstanding specialist in the field of human anatomy, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, who is famous for embalming Lenin's body.

The most famous building in the alley is located under the number 8. It was built in 1911 year by the project of architect Alexei Beketov. It was here that the “Theater of the Female Anatomical Institute” was located, where the bodies, often with various anomalies or deformities, were paraded. On the ground floor was a "farewell house". In this city morgue with the help of groundwater maintained the temperature 8 degrees.

If you want to know what Kharkov looked like fifty years earlier, go down to Melnikova Street - corner houses will give you a complete picture of this. Kharkiv residents with the names of Meder and Khatkel, very characteristic of this region, lived in these one-story small houses, and their choice of place of residence is easy to explain - the synagogue bulk stands up nearby.

"Gray House". This building was built by an unknown but talented architect for the merchant Kovalenko at the end of the XNUMXth century. In this house once lived an unknown student of a private Kharkov boarding school, and later - young Masha Vilinskaya, Ukrainian writer Marko Vovchok, known for her works "Institute", "Gaidamaki" and others. The girl studied at a private boarding school for girls, and it was in our city that a native of the Oryol province first heard the Ukrainian language.
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Going down Vorobyov Street to the Civil Street, one can feel the contrast between the modern center of Kharkov and what is left from past centuries. Mark Bernes, a performer of Soviet hits, lived on Grazhdanskaya Street, and Andre Tang, a famous designer in Ukraine, received his education.
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On Grazhdanskaya Street, 3, is located the building of the Kharkov College of Textiles and Design, famous for its graduate Andrei Tishchenko, who became famous as Andre Tan. In 17 years he got into the Book of Records of Ukraine as the youngest and most promising designer of the country, who even in his student years opened his own design studio in Kiev.

In the heart of old Kharkiv, between Marshal Bazhanov Street and Teatralny Lane, there is an imperceptible but very unusual street - Maiden, which is truly a street of contrasts. Here, faceless buildings coexist with houses of magnificent architecture.
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