Slobozhanskoe necklace. Kharkiv - Akhtyrka - Trostyanets - Sumy - Putivl

Kharkiv - Trostyanets - Akhtyrka - Sumy - Putivl

The Queen of Autumn. Chrysanthemum ball

Kharkiv - Feldman Ecopark

Corporate weekend in Kharkov!

2-day corporate reception in Kharkov.

Soich Park. Weekend in the heart of Old Saltov

Old Saltov - Pechenezhskoe Reservoir

African savannah. Modern agricultural complex "Mriya"

Kharkov - Kupyansk

Local exotic. Dvurechansky natural park + Kytsevskaya desert

Kitsevka - Dvurechnaya

Corporate party in Kharkov. Farmsteads of Kharkiv region + barbecue in nature!

Kharkiv - Sharovka - Natalyevka - Old Merchik - r. Merla

Corporate party in Kharkov. Korotich - Feldman Ecopark

Kharkiv - Korotich - Feldman Ecopark

Bright holidays in Kharkov

2-day reception program in Kharkov

Hi, Kharkov! Kharkov weekend

2-day reception program in Kharkov

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