Kharkov is the largest city in Eastern Ukraine. He is considered the capital of Slobozhanshchina. Local residents are also proud that Kharkiv was once the capital of Soviet Ukraine.


Kharkov is a relatively young city. His age is 360 years. Monuments of the XVII-XVIII centuries. little, and about the ancient nothing to dream about. Despite this, the city is one of the most interesting in Ukraine.

Pokrovsky Cathedral of the late XVII century. in general is the oldest surviving building of Kharkov. His "Cossack baroque" irrefutably testifies to the Ukrainian history of the founding of the city.

Nearby, on the hill where once the Kharkov fortress was located, stands the Assumption Cathedral - a combination of an ancient Baroque church (XVIII century) and a rapid bell tower built in the style of classicism (XIX century), accentuated by different colors. In this building of the Philharmonic there is a hall for organ and chamber music, where wonderful concerts are held.

Finally below, on the other bank of the river Lopan, striking in size and extraordinary appearance of the Annunciation Cathedral. He was erected at the beginning of the 20th century, combining different styles. In particular, in the church building Balkan-Byzantine features are guessed, and the bell-tower surprises with more characteristic lines for Gothic.

There are a lot of sights in Kharkov, among the main ones one recalls the majestic Liberty Square, the building of the State Industry, the Mirror Stream.

Even many Kharkiv people do not know that the city has a big bait for cinephiles. And this is not 3D-cinemas, which are also in Kharkov. And founded in 1908 by the Bommers brothers "electro-biograph", which became the first stationary cinema in the Russian Empire. Now "Bommer" is recognized as the oldest in the whole Eastern Europe. For more than 100-year history, this cinema and the building have never been changed for their intended purpose, showing films even during the war.

In general, Kharkov has a reputation as an industrial center. But most of the guests, especially from abroad, are sincerely surprised not so much by the capacities of Turboatom, Khartsyzsk Tractor Plant or aircraft factory as the amount of greenery in the city. Indeed, even in the very center, where every square meter of land costs sky-high money, there is no deficit in trees and lawns. And what to say about the Forest Park - the largest in Ukraine! It is actually a real forest in the midst of an 1,5-million metropolis!

A children's railway route is laid behind the forest park, where all the work - from the driver to the conductor of the car - is performed by adolescents. Over the trees you can move through the air - thanks to the cable car. Next to the latter there is a botanical garden and picturesque Sarzhin Yar - the main city source of drinking water. Places for walking and enjoying plenty of fresh air.

Although the brand "coffee capital" has firmly entrenched Lviv, in Kharkov there is something to answer this. And not one guest from Lviv came out of the coffee shop Kofein is not just surprised, but shocked. And all because in 2003 the Kharkov black drink enthusiasts have chosen a special way of development and have become the first coffee specialty coffee in Ukraine. That is, coffee of the highest world standards from a clearly defined region - down to the plantation. This segment occupies only 10% of the world coffee market, but this is its elite.

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