Adventure Time! Kayaking and rafting

We offer fun and interesting time with your friends or colleagues in the bosom of nature, in the most picturesque corners of our region - Korobovy Khutora, Zmiev, Bishkin.

Do you think how to spend the weekend? How is it unusual to celebrate a corporate holiday? Where is the company having fun?

Then this offer is for you! It is worth trying once - and you are already waiting for the next hike!

We offer collective trips to nature in the most picturesque places of the Kharkov region, trekking in kayaks, rest on the nature near rivers, lakes, reservoirs, trainings, quests, yoga tours, sightseeing tours and much more.

They say that it's better to see once than hear a hundred times!

The time of adventure is coming!

In the program of the trip: bus service by a comfortable bus, kayaking trip accompanied by qualified instructors, accommodation in tourist tents, meals.

Placement Locations

Zmiev - Bishkin - Aeschar - Gineevka


Kharkiv region - hike on kayaks and rafts - outdoor recreation

Season of rest

May - September

Duration of the tour

2 day


Tourist tents


Day 1 - field kitchen (lunch, dinner);

Day 2 - field kitchen (breakfast, lunch).

Take with you sandwiches, snacks, fruits, water.



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

What is the attraction of water tourism?

It is worth a try once - and you are already waiting for the next trip!

  • Teamwork
    Team games, trainings in nature, sports days and just a quiet rest outside the office - this brings together and increases the confidence in colleagues;
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 4 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 6
  • Family vacation
    Children will be delighted, and you will feel a full-fledged relaxation and a crazy charge of cheerfulness;
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 13 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 16
  • Alternative to gym
    You will learn how to row and manage a kayak, to overcome rides and long routes. Why not diversify your workouts?
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 7 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 9
  • Usefull acquaintances
    Hiking is a passion for bright and successful people. You will be with whom to discuss business projects, share knowledge and exchange contacts;
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 11 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 15
  • Adrenaline rush
    This is an extreme kind of recreation. It gives emotional relief, increases stress resistance, teaches you to make quick decisions in unusual situations;
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 12 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 17
  • Picturesque views
    What is only the Cossack mountain, wrapped in legends. Or the landscapes of the "Gomolshansky Lesa" reserve, which Peter I.
  • See how one of the best adventures can look like!
    pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 14 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 10
  • Make sure that the nature of the rest in our region can be so exciting and unique!
By the way, do you study English? Spend time on a trip with a double benefit! We suggest you go on a kayak trip with native speakers and completely immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment and a different mentality. Practice speaking, enjoy the company and forget about the language barrier!

Excursion program

The first day 

8 00 Departure from Kharkov from the Metallist stadium (sector 36-40).

9 45 Arrival at the starting point (Cheryomushnoye). Dressing up. Safety briefing.

10 15 The beginning of sailing.

Calm rafting down the river.
pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 1 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 2

Common stops for swimming.

13-00 - 14 00- Stop for lunch. (Zmiev or Zadonetskoye)

14-00 - 14 30- Continuation of the alloy
pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 11 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 16

Stops for bathing
Climbing Kozachya Gora (optional)

18 30 Stop at the place of overnight. Near Korobov Khutorov

Firewood collection

Preparation of dinner

19-00 - 20 00-  Dinner

21-00 - 23 00- Free time. Rest (you can take a guitar, a music speaker, board games for a fun pastime, a ball for volleyball).

Second day 

8 00 Rise, tea

9 15 Breakfast

10 00 Camp gathering


Calm rafting.
pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 17 pokhody na bajdarkakh i plotakh 15
Stops for swimming.

14-00 - 15 00- Arrival at the finish point. Cherkasy Bishkin

Preparation of lunch


16 00 Departure to Kharkiv

18 00 Arrival in Kharkov.

In general, decide! choose! call! Come! Ride!
Uzor NU




from 15 people

The cost per person in UAH.

One-day rafting:

Adult - 1450 UAH / person;
baby - 1350 UAH / person

Two-day rafting:

Adult - 1750 UAH / person;
baby - 1550 UAH / person


transport service by a comfortable bus, kayaks, two meals a day on the first day and on the second, tourist tents and sleeping bags for overnight stay, insurance.


All difficulties and obstacles are overcome jointly by all participants of the campaign!

Alcohol is prohibited on the water.

In the parking lot, the danger comes from the AX, KOSTRA and KIPYATKA.

In a group hike, you need to keep your distance and not leave lagging behind. A small distance may not allow you to maneuver, a large one can come to the rescue

A headdress is required; it is advisable to wear a light shirt with long sleeves.

When boarding the kayak, turn it nose down. One participant holds the kayak by the stern, the other takes the sides with both hands, puts one leg into the kayak, then the other.

When leaving the kayak, grab the sides with both hands and take turns transferring your legs to the shore.


When driving, maintain an interval between the kayaks, follow the signals of the kayak in front.

Signal the noticed danger and obstacles to the next kayak with a raised oar or shout.

When passing a sharp turn with a sandbank, it is better to walk along the opposite bank.

When a kayak breaks through, scoop the water out of the kayak and paddle to the shore.

When overturning the kayak, one should, having emerged from the water, swim up to the kayak and tow it to the shore without turning it over. Make sure that the oars do not float away at this time.

Only an empty kayak can be pulled ashore.

What to take with you:

First of all - a good mood! :)

Apparel "Dry" and "wet" sets of clothes and shoes. 

A "dry" kit is needed for being on the shore, around a fire, during parking and in which to sleep comfortably in a tent. Cotton pants and a shirt allow you to be around the fire without the risk of burning a hole from a flying spark.

Sleeping set - tracksuit, woolen socks (if only necessary)

"Wet" - for rafting, i.e. in these clothes you sit down the kayak and are on the water. These clothes are partially wet from the splashes that fly off the oars, get dirty and damp during the day of the rafting. It should dry quickly and reflect the sun's rays (light-colored long-sleeved shirt). Therefore, in the evening, having risen to the place where you sleep, change into dry clothes and you will feel comfortable. preferably from natural fabrics. 

Tableware each one takes his own. It must be metal or plastic - it must be unbreakable. One cup, spoon, deep plate will be enough for you. You can take a folding knife with you. 

Medicine chest collected personally, based on the characteristics of the body. Take your tanning and after-sun products with you. Also take an antiseptic and a mask. 

Personal Care Products. There will be no shops on the road. And pharmacies. And even stalls. Consider this when choosing your personal care products. Plastic bags, in order to protect all your belongings from water and moisture, flashlight, water bottle, mosquito repellent.

Gloves special or construction fabrics with half-cut fingers will provide you with an irreplaceable service on the way, protecting your hands from calluses when rowing.

Headdress. Cap, kerchief, scarf - choose what is more convenient for you.

Have a good departmenthaha, friends! Happy navigation!


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