Pechenegi and Pechenezh reservoir

Picturesque corners tend to attract like a magnet. One of these treasures is located in the Kharkiv region - this is the Pechenezh reservoir, also known as the Saltov Sea.

Pechenezhskoye reservoir is located on the river Seversky Donets. To build it, about a thousand houses and agricultural land were destroyed. The facility was built over four years in order to supply the city of Kharkiv with fresh water. As it turned out, the place for the reservoir was chosen perfectly. The coast did not require fortifications, and the grounds perfectly retain water. Today, the Pechenezh reservoir is considered the cleanest in the region and provides more than half of Kharkiv residents with fresh water.

The length of the Pechenezh reservoir is seventy-five meters, and the depth reaches twenty meters. Its dam is located in the small village of Pechenegi.

There are two theories regarding the name of the village and the reservoir. One says that the name came from the nomadic tribes who once lived on this territory. According to another, not far from today's reservoir there was a prison many years ago, various tortures were practiced within its walls. The most terrible was carried out with the help of red-hot coal and was called “the furnace of bliss” or “bake the legs”.

Over the years, a whole museum was created at the prison site. He is located in the house of the warden. In the basement of the museum there are torture chambers.

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