Flower on a stone. Photo tour to Kamyanets-Podolsky, Khotin and Bakota

Kamyanets - Podolsky - Bakota - Khotin

Battle of Palanok. Small vacation in Transcarpathia, 2 days


Transcarpathian holidays. Mukachevo - Beregovo - Shipot - Synevyr


Medieval date. Romantic weekend in Lviv!


Lviv rags. Lviv - Carpathians - Tustan, 2 days


Lviv amusement girls. Lviv - Carpathians - Tustan, 3 days


Transcarpathia - relaxation. Rest in Beregovo on March 8!


Transcarpathia - relaxation! Rest in Beregovo


Transcarpathia - relaxation! Rest in Beregovo


Aroma of Transcarpathia. Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhhorod - Lumshory

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