Ukraine is the first state in Europe in its area, but there is on its vast territory a small unique museum, allowing to see with own eyes the life and architecture of all regions of the country several centuries ago.

Such a peculiar time machine for everyone who wants to become the Museum of National Architecture and Life Pirogovo. The Museum of National Architecture and Life is an opportunity to walk through all the most interesting corners of Ukraine for one day of sight, to see literally from within the life of the Ukrainian people in 17-20 centuries, to get acquainted with the objects of everyday life of an ordinary Ukrainian house.

The museum is an open air exposition of ethnographic regions of the country, that is, the entire museum is located not in pavilions and other buildings, but in the open air, which makes the museum very attractive for tourists from all over the world. Museum of National Architecture and Life Pirogovo was founded in the distant 1969 year, but it took visitors seven years later in 1976. Every year the museum becomes more and more popular, and also replenishes its collection of architectural buildings and household items of its historical period. Since its existence on the territory of the Pirogovo Museum, more than two hundred different buildings have been concentrated, which symbolize their regions and historical periods of the country.

Another distinctive feature of the Pirogovo Museum, which, perhaps, distinguishes it from a huge mass of similar world museums, are various theatrical performances, festivities during folk festivals. On the territory of Pirogovo you can often find people and workers in national costumes, engaged in various crafts of that time - weavers, pottery makers from clay and others. Walking to Ukrainian folk music in general become something special, they give unforgettable sensations. During Ukrainian folk festivals, special theatrical performances take place on the territory of the museum: dances and dances around the fire, singing.

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