Dnepr River


The Dnieper is the largest river in Europe after the Danube and the Volga, but in Ukraine it has no equal. The Dnieper flows through the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Length - 2201 km, of which 1005 km - on the territory of Ukraine, the pool area - 504 thousand square meters. km.


In ancient times, the river was called Borysfen. The Romans gave her the name Danapris. The Slavs called Slavutich.

It was on the Dnieper in 988 that Prince Vladimir baptized Russia. In its waters were baptized the people of Kiev and the prince himself.

In winter, the Dnieper freezes after an 20-day period, during which the temperature is kept below 0 ° C.

Every year on the first Saturday of July Ukrainians celebrate the International Day of the Dnieper.

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