Chernigov is the northernmost regional center of Ukraine, the historical center of the Seversk land, one of the largest cities of Kievan Rus.

Chernigov is not in vain called the "city of legends": here still breathes the spirit of Kievan Rus and the ancient Chernigov principality ... Above the Desna one can still hear about the exploits of the times of the Hetmanate and the glorious Cossacks, and also about the spiritual treasures of St. Anthony of Caves.

Entering the Kievan Rus in the 9 century, the city of Chernigov became one of the centers of the ancient state. With which, respectively, associated a huge number of architectural, historical and sacred monuments.

Red Square - the cultural and administrative center of the city, the beauty center of Chernigov. Here is a unique restored Pyatnitskaya church. The history of this shrine goes back to the times of Kievan Rus! In addition, the Chernihiv Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko rises on the square, that's why the locals often call the square also the Theater Square.

Chernigov Val, or Detinets, is a special place where you will find many iconic landmarks of Chernigov. We are talking about the church, defensive structures, 12 cast-iron guns, a large historical park, etc. In particular, there is the majestic Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, one of the oldest Christian churches in Ukraine.

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