Reserve "Hetman Capital" in Baturyn

Baturin is a unique city, where several centuries ago the residence of Ukrainian hetmans Ivan Samoilovich, Ivan Mazepa, Kirill Razumovsky and Demian Mnogogreshny was located.

Today, here is the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital", created in 1993. Baturin small, however, here you can see many unique monuments associated with the glorious Cossack era.

The National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital" in Baturyn is 42 object of cultural heritage. The most interesting of them are:

The Palace of Cyril Razumovsky is the only creation of the outstanding English architect Charles Cameron in Ukraine. Built in the style of classicism, the three-story palace harmoniously rises above the picturesque park. Recently, the attraction was opened for tourists.

Citadel of the Baturyn Fortress. This is an architectural and memorial complex, which illustrates the appearance of the most fortified part of the city fortress 1669-1708. It is here that the monument to the victims of the Baturin tragedy, who died in 1708, rises. The events of that time are also reminiscent of the castle wooden church of the Resurrection of the Lord, within the walls of which, during the defense of Baturin, women and children were hiding. The complex represents the realities of the stone architecture of the second half of the 17 century.

The Resurrection Church. Crypt of Kirill Razumovsky - the last hetman of Ukraine. By the way, this is one of the few hetman graves that have survived to our time.

House of General Judge Vasily Kochubei. Earlier, the General Military Court was located in this structure. At the beginning of 18 century Kochubei moved with his family to the house. Now there is a museum here. The house itself is surrounded by the Kochubei Park.

Female Nikolo-Krupitsky monastery. It is located in the village of Osich, near Baturin. With this shrine are famous personalities, for example, the church figure Dmitry Tuptalo, engraver and icon painter Ivan Migura, and Ivan Mazepa and Ivan Samoilovich were patrons of the monastery. The Bolsheviks liquidated the monastery in 1922, restored it only in 1999 year.

Museum of Archeology. It was founded quite recently - in 2009 year. It is within its walls that you can get acquainted better with the history of Baturin.

The grave of Peter Prokopovich is a beekeeper, the inventor of a framework hive.

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