Museum of Microminiatures

Did you know that there are only two museums of microminiatures in the world - in Kiev and in the dwarfish mountain principality of Andorra. In the Ukrainian museum you can see a shod flea, a windmill in a poppy seed and much more.

Museum of microscopic miniatures of the master Nikolai Syadristy is located on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The collection of the museum presents the work of only one author, because such masters on the whole planet - once or twice - and obchelsya! All the Master's works are made by hand, each time using a new technology.

Part of his collection is in the museum of Andorra, part of the Moscow Polytechnic Institute, 15 works in the Hungarian town of Szentendre. Nikolai Syadristy traveled the world for 50 years of creativity - from Japan and Australia to Chile and Canada.

The hands of Syadristy created unique and unique masterpieces:

- the world's smallest working electric motor in the size 1 / 20 mm3, which is almost 20 less than the poppy seed.

- A branch of a rose in the thickness of 0,05 millimeter. inserted inside the human hair.

- caravan of golden camels in the eye of a needle

- notes - a fragment of Oginsky's polonaise, engraved on a glass petal of chrysanthemum, measuring 2x5 millimeters.

- portrait-bas-relief of ballerina Maya Plisetskaya on a piece of cherry stone in size 3x4 millimeter.

- a windmill made of 203 gold pieces, which the master placed on half a poppy seed.

Nikolai Syadristy is recognized as the best miniaturist in the world. Most of his works are exhibited here, in the Museum of Microscopic Miniatures in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

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