Factory of Christmas-tree toys, Kiev

The factory of Christmas decorations, which is located in Klavdievo near Kiev, annually on the eve of the New Year invites children and their parents to fascinating excursions around the enterprise.


Visiting a unique tour of the Claudia factory you will pass several stations:

Glass blowing shop. It is here that a New Year's toy is born from a glass bulb. The glass is heated up to 600 degrees and skilled glass blowers blow toys of various shapes and sizes.

Silver workshop.  An experienced master will show you how, with the help of a special solution, transparent Christmas-tree toys acquire a mirror color.

Artistic workshop.  Here you will see how various designs and motives are applied to toys. Talented artists will gladly show you the secrets and peculiarities of their painting technique.

Museum of Christmas toys. The first in Ukraine museum of Christmas toys from around the world! Only here are the best achievements of the largest factories in the world! The museum consists of three halls: an old and modern toy, a fairy-tale city in miniature and a unique "Hermitage".

Mail of Santa Claus. A cozy hut overlooking a wonderful mountain landscape. Here you can buy a souvenir postcard with the stamps of the Post Office of Santa Claus, as well as take a photo for memory.

Supermarket of Christmas toys. This is the final station of the excursion to the Clavdiyev Christmas tree decorations factory. Here you can buy Christmas toys. 

The factory also invites adults and children to paint a Christmas tree toy with their own hands, under the guidance of an experienced artist. Each student is given a Christmas ball with a diameter of 80 mm, on which a drawing is applied with a contour, festive packaging and a set of materials and tools for painting. You will learn two painting techniques, as well as be able to sign a toy.

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